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Mu LED application market will show M type development?

by:Atop     2020-08-23
Micro LED technology is Fried blasting ring, it seemed that the next generation display technology, but also show star in 2018. However, the Micro LED many problems still exist, whether it's process technology, testing standard, or is the cost of production, with a large number of commercial applications, there is a big distance and one of the main challenges, is how to import a large number of production, to reduce the manufacturing cost, and this part is called 'transfer' huge amount. To understand the huge amount transfer, of course need to know what is Micro LED, and how it goes with the traditional LED are different. Micro LED the English full name is 'Micro Light Emitting Diode', also known as Chinese are light-emitting diodes (leds), can also write 'mu LED'. With general LED the biggest difference, of course, is the size. But how many can be referred to as the size of the Micro LED, there is still no uniform standard, so it is manufacturer respective expression. To Taiwan factory crystal electric, for example, the definition of general LED grain is between 200 ~ 300 microns ( micrometer, μm) 迷你LED ( Known as Micro LED the predecessor) About 50 ~ 60 micrometers, and Micro LED is in 15 microns. Mu win all LED display technology, cost and production is the only challenge because of the difference of grain size, their application is different. General LED chip is given priority to with lighting and display backlight module; As to the Mini LED will be used in backlight applications, consumer products, but will be in high order or the automotive market, such as group of optoelectronics AM miniLED is used in the car on display; As for Micro LED, the application of concepts and the two are completely different, will be a new display technology, and its competition object will be OLED. From the point of technical specifications and application of concepts, mu LED in brightness, reaction speed, power consumption and durability are those of display technology, currently on the market is almost completely replace the LCD and OLED display potential, but the only problem is the cost of production and production ability. Far the largest production mu LED challenge lies in how to put a huge amount of micron grade LED grain, through the high accuracy of the equipment, will be the arrangement of the target substrate or circuit, and the process is called huge amount transfer ( 传质) 。 In fact, huge amount transfer is an academic term, often used in the engineering design of material processing, it involves physical system within the material or particle diffusion and convection. More specifically, a huge amount transfer is in describing a chemical or physical mechanism, it is a kind of transport phenomena, it refers to the large number of points ( Molecules or particles) Moving from one end to the other side. It can be a single stage, or multiple stages, and involves a liquid or gas phase, sometimes may happen in the solid material. Huge amount transfer example of a classic, is water 'evaporate', through evaporation, can make a lot of water particles move to another material, by the same token, the diffusion. The challenge of how to handle tens of millions of tiny micron grade LED grain and use on the mu LED production, is to put millions or even tens of millions of micron grade of LED grain correct and efficient mobile onto the substrate. In a 4 k TV, for example, need to transfer the grain is as high as 24 million ( In terms of 4000 x 2000 x RGB tricolor) , even if a transfer of 10000, also need to be repeated 2400 times. Taiwan engineering institute is currently working on a huge amount transfer related technologies, and is mainly responsible for the unit is electronic and optoelectronic systems research institute. Electro-optic Dr Zhi-yi wu, director, said: 'the current process of LED display panel and has relatively mature, the biggest difficulty lies in how to manage the transfer so much mu LED grain. Dr 'zhi-yi wu pointed out that although the production of micron grade mu LED grain is not easy, but is still have equipment can do it, it's just a matter of yield and yield, such as red light LED miniature to micron level would be fragile silicon material problem, but still there were feasible, only has the huge amount transfer is still not a good solution. Because of huge amount transfer with high yield and efficiency of technical difficulty, so it contains apple, samsung and SONY are actively research breakthroughs. Zhi-yi wu, 'said Dr To transfer a huge amount of principle is very simple, is to produce a reaction to mu LED grain accurate adsorption, and then transferred to the target on the back of the release of more accurate.
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