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Most businesses LED industry mergers and acquisitions spree again hit the goodwill is impaired huge losses to enterprises

by:Atop     2020-09-02
Automobil LED net on March 12, as the LED display industry more mature and stronger, the competition between the enterprises is intensifying, starting in 2013, a wave of mergers across to those in the growth stage companies choose partners, or cooperate in an attempt to secure. Now in 2019, after a long time of polished and rectification, we can see that mergers and acquisitions in the enterprise development is not completely as a booster, there are many companies suffered enough. Industry m&a frenzy complex again hit it is well known that m&a an industry development process indispensable measures, also is a important way of the development of the enterprise, it not only can add more power for the enterprise development, also can make more concentrated industry resources integration, to achieve the better allocation of resources. Therefore, mergers and acquisitions, as a simple and fast development path, is LED by many rich capital enterprises push from, become a vertical scale and economic strength of choice of the enterprise. , according to the data in 2017, LED industry mergers and reached more than 30 cases, transaction amount more than $9 billion, 2018, more than 20, mergers and eased slightly, but from the point of the whole situation of January 2019, passion is still high, LED enterprise m&a merger wave presents get damp. At the same time, as the industry faces in the form of more complex, as well as the industry leading enterprises continue to enhance strength, horizontal vertical expansion LED display business territory, in addition to mergers and acquisitions on LED industry chain upstream and downstream integration, also to put into the education, media, and other areas, such as the Internet, want to conquer the vast stars. Such as blue ocean purchase lianjian takeovers as an Internet real estate transaction platform, online and offline property developer resources rich data resources, and developers of the great demand of advertising and marketing services; Buying lighting company, and the night cruise economy also contributed 1 billion yuan in the first half of the order, become an important part of leah's growth during the first half. M&a is a double-edged sword goodwill damage to the enterprise huge losses, of course, we also said the above, m&a is a double-edged sword, as part of the enterprise itself development strategy, merger and acquisition is the enterprise survival and development needs, the use of good, can bring the power, the enhancement enterprise's competitive advantage, but if use inappropriate, mergers and acquisitions also may become a stumbling block on the road of enterprise development, enterprise pay a painful price. From each big business enterprise of the listed LED display recently published performance forecast can be seen that both horizontal mergers and vertical mergers and acquisitions, many companies have stumbled on the m&a strategy, lead to potential losses of billions of dollars in profits, repent at leisure. From companies give preliminary kui reasons can be found that subsidiary bet against performance standards goodwill impairment caused by loss of listed companies 'culprit'. As mergers and acquisitions of fire, the professional accounting term 'goodwill' exposure rising in ordinary investors, and the 'popularity' in January 2019 peak. For 2019 years, a large number of leds listed company performance losses, and many related to depreciation of goodwill impairment provision, the billions of goodwill impairment scale is to let investors raised. Bank of China securities analysis, 2014 - 2015 is the peak period of merger, acquisition and reorganization of listed companies, so the listed company as a whole accumulated a relatively high reputation. The general case of merger, acquisition and reorganization will be 3 years the performance of the promise, 2017 - 2018 results promise expires, performance decline in goodwill. With the reduction in the number of merger, acquisition and reorganization and goodwill impairment risk concentration of release, accounting regulation progressively tighter, a-share market reputation risk may slow release in the future. Of course, back to the nature of goodwill, its basic reason lies in the enterprise of m&a project appear integration ability and manage level. For the LED industry, the depth of shuffling integration process continues, the merger, acquisition and reorganization of the industry still continuously, and the reputation risk will continue. Therefore, if want to mergers and acquisitions of listed companies means to expand the enterprise's comprehensive strength, also our strengths. The coordinated development of fusion to achieve 1 + 1 & gt; 2 the personage inside course of study thinks, the interests of the value of mergers and acquisitions is a very effort is actually, the idea of the first two should agree with each other, the second for the listed company, it will be more willing to choose some financial norms, business structure simple, are helpful to their performance or industry chain layout of enterprises. Especially in the LED industry is in a rising stage, in the case of LED display base is too large, small and medium enterprises generally lack of money. But these enterprises generally have no collateral, many mortgage their house are taken by the head of the company, if a listed company as guarantee, bank loans are more easily.
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