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MiniLED tide rise LED industry development new way of thinking?

by:Atop     2020-08-28
Lianjian photoelectric hand in hand to the star starting MiniLED, war? Full spectrum, the solar spectrum 'popular', its technical difficulties from where? Intelligent in light show is popular, the future intelligent way out in where? Dry photoelectric even set up two subsidiaries, good or bad? We will interpret for you one by one! World debut lianjian photoelectric hand in hand to the star light electric Mini LED6, lianjian electric domestic first Mini LED photoelectric hand in hand to the stars. This product further optimization on SMD and COB technology, effectively solved the inky LED display consistency, spelling, light-leaking, protective, pain spot problems such as maintenance. Comment on: MiniLED as the next generation display technology - — MicroLED transitional product, cost and the feasibility of the technology difficulty is relatively high, therefore has also been a lot of the layout of the assembly house, application of factory. Including crystal sets, the star, HuaCan, wafer photoelectric has production capacity, and the state science and technology, leah DE also have corresponding display manufacturers such as applied to the ground, so it's safe to say MiniLED war has begun. Before MicroLED display technology mature, commercial display areas in the future still can form the situation of the three pillars of LED, OLED, MiniLED technology. Full spectrum, the solar spectrum 'hit' the exhibition this year light show, Seoul semiconductor, xu yu photoelectric, hong god remit and light with photoelectric LED packaging companies at home and abroad were demonstrated its full spectrum, the solar spectrum light source technology. Comments: with the progress of technology and evolution, people demand for leds, from the initial brightness and color temperature, to the color of light and color effects, began to pursue the quality of the light and comfortable and healthy experience. As a result, more natural, more comfortable full spectrum light source is mentioned more frequently. Also in the field of plant, to realize full spectrum is very important to plant growth, is not only beneficial to shorten the growth period of plants, can increase output and taste. Just, at present the full spectrum of technology to overcome the difficulty lies in the fluorescent powder technology, need to make a substantial improvement on LED phosphors spectrum limitations. Especially the full spectrum of LED phosphors in recent, blue green and ultrashort wave super long wave ultraviolet light red light emission range and the problem of insufficient strength in urgent need to solve. Full spectrum technology only under the joint efforts of the whole industry, can we truly achieved. Intelligence in the show is popular the light show in addition to the full spectrum and the solar spectrum, hot, intelligent and each big enterprise focus. From the perspective of the LED driver, including abundant power supply, dark energy, health, science and technology, MAO power supply, to recognize the British who have demonstrated its corresponding intelligent drive new product. Comment on: intelligent become one of the breakthrough. The LED driver as the core part of lamps and lanterns, its intelligent degree determines the intelligent degree of lamps and lanterns. Just from the point of the light and the exhibition, the industry's most intelligent is still confined to the dimming toning, mobile phone APP control, voice control, etc. , and to interact with people, the environment, interaction is still relatively lack. At present, with the rise of artificial intelligence, Internet of things technology, the future many application scenarios can be applied to the artificial intelligence, truly people-oriented, meet people comfortable experience. At the same time, connect the equipment through the Internet of things, and other intelligent household equipment to realize interconnection, is the direction of future intelligent. Doing photoelectric set up two subsidiaries 14, photoelectric announcement, based on the company's strategic planning considering with the business development needs, the company in xiamen city in fujian province and jiangxi province nanchang city investment with self-owned capital set up wholly owned subsidiaries become lucid garfunkel and jiangxi. Comment on: from the perspective of the scope of business of two subsidiaries, dry photoelectric business extension in downstream applications. From the point of the LED industry development situation, industry extension peremptory has become a normal enterprise development. The LED industry increasingly fierce market competition, globalization, popularization of product homogeneity is more and more serious. If still stays in the price war, blindly and competitors on the product 'cheap' looking for gap, development space will be smaller and smaller. For dry photoelectric, therefore, to use their advantage on the LED chip end, downstream application extension may be its decoding chip industry white-hot competition strategy. Just, the current to the LED application 'brutal' status more than chips, dry downstream extension still need to find effective profit method. This article from: search LED lighting headlines
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