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MiniLED market hot ronda electronic units such as the LED factory to prepare for

by:Atop     2020-08-27
Mini LED is considered a chance in this year and two years of LED industry, Taiwan department of manufacturers, in addition to equipment factory, driver IC manufacturers have cargo quantity output, the LED chip, packaging section also to prepare for, the sprint quantity output goods. Ronda, said the Mini LED backlight products this year will have cargo volume, proportion will gradually pull up, but because the model is various, so the specific proportion of statistics. 6. 8 billion yuan, Nt, hereinafter the same) 1%. Although the Mini LED in the application of the end products are rare, but the upstream supply operation has begun to heat up, with equipment, driver IC factory will fastest related products production delivery, such as the Mini LED spot measurement, sorting equipment factory Whitman, 2017, 2018, creates profit; Driver IC factory accumulated on the single from the good news. 6 inches Mini LED backlight module products, 2018, 32 inches products have production delivery, mainly used in e-sports, senior exhibition space, the backlight module could be divided into 384 area, high brightness dynamic imaging for NTSC or more than 95% of the screen. 5 mm, can slash the thickness of the module, mainly used in high-level e-sports screen laptop, as well as the automotive panel. As for the upstream of the LED chip, crystal electric follow downstream customer new product research and development, shop goods, the first quarter of small shipment, at present the client schedule unchanged, after product launches, to observe the market by degrees. In the second half of 2018, start small crystal electricity supply Mini LED products to customers, including can be used in a large red, green, blue RGB Mini LED display screen, as well as the application in the e-sports display, phones, cars, Mini LED and so on. Expected the second quarter of this year after some shipments may be amplified, but accounted for the proportion of overall revenue is still limited. Currently, Mini crystal electricity by 100% owned subsidiary candidates. if your new LED products industry department in charge of science and technology, from the supply of Mini LED into the research and development design, proofing production trials, mass production to a strategic partner - science and technology of high power LED package/module factory flourishing days. Crystal electric group through the crystal electric, bright spot for investment, candidates. if your new technology has a flourishing day technology stake, now group holdings in the flourishing days proportion of science and technology more than 5. And light electronic during the 18th January 16 solstice electronic materials and production equipment exhibition in Tokyo unveiled by small spacing display Mini LED components into a car tail lights, can show the tail lights can adjust the Numbers and words. 6 mm Mini small spacing LED display module. These modules can be stacked to form indoor, outdoor, and car display. LED factory definition for the Mini LED the first year of this year, compared with conventional leds, Mini LED only on the chip size, chip manufacturers use of the existing equipment modified can be mass production, is also viewed as the transition, training before the Micro LED into the commercial products. Ofweek semiconductor lighting network
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