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MINI, who can better LED and COB

by:Atop     2020-08-28
There is no doubt that 2018 will be LED display screen harvest year, small spacing at COB encapsulation technology, from the beginning of the year to the LED display these days many enterprises in the industry launched the MINI LED products, the outbreak of the MINI LED technology breakthroughs of the hot topics, which not only shows that LED display manufacturer for LED small spacing attaches great importance to, also means that display technology is striding forward, small spacing and achieve high grades. So, in the small spacing in ear trend across the LED display industry, the MINI LED and COB as small spacing of current cutting edge, the most mature technology, who will be better and win the favor of the market? Four unity packaging technology for MINI LED successful landing in mid-june, many enterprises have introduced a new generation of small spacing LED display product - — MINILED, as is known to all, the MINI LED is under 100 microns or LED crystal, application of the particle size, the smaller crystal particles, is nearly 300 micron traditional one over ten of the size of LED crystal granules raw material cost. Smaller particles of the MINI LED while saving the cost of the upstream, downstream terminal pixel pitch index, achieve zero. 2 - 0. 9 mm spacing display pixel particles, but it also means that for the middle packaging technology has brought the higher technical challenges. And a new generation of MINI LED products are able to successful landing, it is because the broke through the middle of packaging technology challenge, realizes the four array combination encapsulation technology application. Four unity packaging technology can be regarded as the traditional table lamp bead and compromise between COB product strategy: an encapsulation structure, there are four basic pixel structure. This not only simplified technology, reduce the welding difficulty 'table stick', more help to small spacing LED display repair bad light, even meet the needs of field manual repair. In addition, there are four unity in the aid of technology, make table paste technology lead, so now apply to 1. Zero distance between the size of the table technology, can make the minimum 0. Six spacing of LED display, largely inherited the LED display industry the most mature technology, has realized the terminal processing link 'low cost'. Four and packaging technology, meanwhile, as a 'smaller crystal grain of the LED display technology, not only support the finer display screen, to break the long-standing bottleneck, spacing of the mainstream products more effective attack LED display pixel graining problem, greatly enhance the whole screen consistence, bring the audience a better visual experience. Four and packaging technology, therefore, not only reduces the development costs, on the display effect and experience have greatly ascend, this has become the four important technology to market success the unity of the core factors, and power four combination technology is expected to be small spacing shows in the field of 'dark horse'. COB packaging technology prospect attention limit COB technology also as an emerging LED packaging technology, unlike traditional SMD table type of encapsulation, he is to integrate the light-emitting chip in PCB, can effectively enhance the light emitting light color LED display, to reduce the effect of the risk and cost. We have learned, now the COB encapsulation technology of small spacing of LED display, LED products has been called the second generation of small spacing, the pixel spacing between 2 mm and 0. Between 5 mm, is the future of the small spacing hd LED display. Especially since the beginning of the year, COB small spacing LED display market presents the fast growth momentum, as some of the main high-end intelligent dispatching center 'darling' of the market. COB packaging technology, of course, was able to receive such attention, depends on its application in the small spacing on the LED display unique advantages. Such as after the COB encapsulation, no longer need the traditional 'table paste' process, high temperature and high precision due to omit the step process, so as to enhance the reliability of the whole system; In addition, under the COB technology application of small spacing LED products, natural 'the particles show', the uniformity of image quality, color curve, the visual Angle effect has a different degree of increase, COB packaging technology has become the small distance between the LED 'visual comfort' and 'effects' the best technical path of ascension. Data show that in 2017, COB LED the growth of more than 200%, small spacing is the small distance between the LED market nearly four times the growth. Although industrial upgrading technology still need to constantly improve the MINI LED technology and COB technology are constantly improve, and gradually mature, but in terms of the present stage, the two also has certain limitation. For COB technology, its research and development technology cost is still too high, is mainly used in high-end indoor scheduling command system 'not bad money', but not large-scale occupation of the LED display market; Four combination technology also has its disadvantages, in the packaging stage, the final product display pixel pitch has been identified, which makes the middle packaging companies must provide more specifications of the snap one light bead, which requires the industrial chain of upstream and downstream cooperation more closely. Overall speaking, if the MINI LED and COB technology complement each other, each other will bring more perfect choice for customers, and a variety of new techniques of coexistence, for the development of the industry will play a major role, however, for the victory, as the original to the table to stick into technology, technology, only suitable for the market of small spacing was able to win a big market, small spacing become the mainstream of the development of the industry. So, the MINI LED and COB who can better? Let's wait and see. This article from: automobil LED China LED net net
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