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Mini LED the market potential is tremendous, auo, innolux LED companies to accelerate the layout, etc

by:Atop     2020-08-29
OFweek semiconductor lighting network today ( 10). Of reports, along with the Mini LED technology matures, the Mini LED will entered the stage of rapid development from 2019 to 2020, 2022 annual output value will reach 16. 9. 9 billion dollars. At present, each big manufacturer sprinting to the Mini LED, including vehicle, television, or is IT panel and other products, are already have the technology may quantity output. In addition to the competitive and OLED, but also for rob into higher order Micro pave the way for the LED application market. Huge market potential of Mini LED China LED companies to speed up the layout in China Taiwan market, LCD panel made au optronics, ( AUO) Auo Mini LED e-sports domain locking, related products have been shipped. Auo in passive ( PM) And active ( AM) The Mini LED production technology ability. In 2018 the SID shows weeks ( 显示一周2018) , au optronics display a full range of Mini LED backlight technology e-sports e-sports laptops and monitors, VR head-mounted display panel, with ultra high brightness and high dynamic contrast the perfection of quality, only high-level e-sports and niche application market. And group of optoelectronics will launch by the end of the year for public information display of the Mini LED backlight panel, large size TV application estimates will be launched in the second quarter of 2009. Because the validation time consuming, automobile application products is expected to be launched in 2020. Group of optoelectronics development of Mini LED display's advantage is that it is driven by a TFT, can realize the active matrix ( AM) 。 AM Mini LED has high comparable to those of OLED brightness and contrast, and the group of optoelectronics has been pushing for AM Mini LED applications. Group of optoelectronics it AM MiniLED technology named 'PixinLED', and plans to market through its MiniLED product subversion panel. Crystal electric actively cultivate the Mini LED field, in the aspect of the Mini LED project progress rapidly, crystal electricity for RGB display application MiniLED launched by the product of RGB LED Mini 0. 4毫米x 0。 4 mm three color packaging products, has started to mass production in September, the main supply to China and Korean customers as indoor and outdoor display screen is used, is expected in season 1 is expected to moderate growth, lift have a significant effect on the year after operation. Since 2018, ronda electron positive strategic layout, in addition to continue to adjust product mix, convergence products business, but also accelerate chuzhou by building a new factory, propulsion and Micro Mini LED LED technology research and development. Ronda MiniLED products have been shipping in the third quarter, the first shipment e-sports market mainly for 32 inch monitor. Due to the product gross margin is better than that of all product lines, to ronda in this year's gross profit margin will be promoted, future shipments after amplification, more is expected to become the main driving performance growth. Light is also actively adjust the operating direction, the current product development focus on the Mini LED, automotive and niche products such as invisible light. In terms of the Mini LED, has launched a series of backlight products, the fourth quarter is expected to start shipment, mainly used in automotive display and hand-held devices such application, etc. Macro's focus on the display screen, automotive panel and other products, and strengthen the research and development of Mini LED and RFID chips and other products. In MiniLED section, acer's research and development of four Mini LED into a Mini COB packaging products LED screen, can be applied to the cinema now have begun to delivery, phone with Mini LED in the certification. In mainland China market, the LED chip manufacturers signed three Ann photoelectric and samsung Mini LED/MicroLED supply contracts. According to reports, three Ann has developed 20 microns diameter MicroLED products; At the same time, three Ann will also produce 4 micron LED and LED flip chip 10 microns. Three Ann is 27 items of Micro LED has applied for patents, and plans to start production by the end of 2019 for intelligent wearable devices, more than 100 inches large size panels and small size of the panel Micro LED products such as car tail lights. According to the personage inside course of study, three photoelectric Ann will be in the first quarter of 2019 established the first article MicroLED epitaxial wafer and chip production line. HuaCan photoelectric also entered the Mini LED and Micro LED field, and plans to start production for the second half of 2018 smart phones, LCD TV and car display MiniLED backlight products, and is expected to 2019 Micro leds will for the first time in AR/VR devices, and the application of smart watches. At the 2018 Shanghai international new display technology, Switzerland abundant photoelectric exhibited a 55 inch MiniLED TV. According to introducing, Switzerland abundant photoelectric in addition to the large size TV backlight, Mini LED backlight products technology is also used for MLED small size backlight surface light source products and minimizing spacing M - DISPLAY product development, and has made substantial progress. At present, the company MiniLED small size backlight product acceptance of completed samples and mass production process, have the sample of the 3 k/month production capacity, is now fully automated production line. In addition, Abby sen, the state science and technology is actively mainland manufacturers such as layout of Mini LED frontier technology, made some progress, and gradually introduce related products. OFweek semiconductor lighting
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