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Mini LED display market will amount to $2 trillion in 2025

by:Atop     2020-08-08
According to the forecast, the LED display market is expected in the next six years will be growing at an alarming rate. Market research and project, points out that the micro market LED display can be from 6 in 2019. $000 million rapid growth in 2025 to $2 trillion, between 2019 and 2025, the compound annual growth rate for 80. 1%. Part of the market will come from smart watches, NTE equipment, including enhancement and virtual reality, smart phones, TV, humanitarian use device ( 住房和城市发展部) And display, digital signage, notebook, and general and car lights. The huge leap the driving force behind the market for smart watches, mobile devices and NTE ( AR / VR) Equipment more bright and energy saving of the display panel demand is increasing. Consumer electronics companies, apple, samsung and SONY showed their interest in miniature LED display technology. However, the company is expected to OLED displays the growth of the market and the lack of micro LED patent portfolio can be both supply and distributed micro suppression of the LED display market growth. 2019 or a large company of micro LED display product to the market research and market research surveys the current capacity, participation, prototype development and large electronics to determine 2019 smart watches and NTE equipment based on miniature leds may from prototype to actual product. NTE equipment of this kind of display market is expected to be between 2019 and 2025, with the highest annual rate of growth. The company will be tiny LED the brightness of the display technology ( Brightness) And resolution as the main driving force of its in NTE equipment USES. It is worth noting that AR equipment are in need of high resolution and brightness to match the visibility of the real world. In addition, the display is suitable for fast response time of AR and VR applications. Using the technology of VR applications may include potential games, entertainment, study and training. The research estimates that the asia-pacific region will be in the forecast period internal control LED display market, main brand products manufacturers, foundries and LED display panel makers. By 2025, samsung, sharp, panasonic, LG, SONY and several other companies will become the main demand of micro LED display. Source: huaqiang LED web search LED
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