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MicroLED way, is expected to seek hegemony vehicle according to the market

by:Atop     2020-08-30
High LED net on October 22, reported that in the wisdom in the process of urban construction, the concept of 'wisdom' is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, exert a subtle influence on giving impetus to the development of a number of industry market, one of the most worth mentioning is the huge influence on the transportation industry. According to statistics, in the first half of 2018 China's 8 billion urban intelligent traffic market scale, increased 2. 6%. Traditional transportation industry into a new concept of 'smart', give person find everything new and fresh, more modern feeling, also let the LED display industry of high-tech industry in the 8 billion market saw unlimited business opportunities, attract many LED companies start for intelligent transportation market, developed a variety of suitable for segmentation in the field of intelligence traffic LED display products. Among them, the car LED screen is famous for its 'small screen strength', applied to transportation tools such as buses, taxis, with excellent mobility propaganda effect, by the market recognition and favor. Walking automotive screen excellent mobile publicity LED car LED screen is not very obvious, but it can be seen everywhere. With conventional screen door head, fixed LED display, LED car screen is suitable for buses, taxis, advertising vehicle, such as mobile vehicle, is a set of independence with the rapid development of LED display and a set of car LED display system. Due to the uniqueness of LED automotive panel using places, which it means the product stability, anti-interference, shock, dust and other aspects of the more demanding, need manufacturer in all aspects of the strict control. In many people's traditional mind, LED car screen is taxi top or rear window of double color LED screen, used to scroll to broadcast text messages and advertising information; TDD or used for before, during and after the bus on the right street has, brakes, turn left, turn right information such as the 'electronic broadcasters'. In fact far more than that, due to the LED car can screen as mobile vehicles across all corners of the city, can achieve than airports, stations, the traditional fixed outdoor LED advertising screen better product promotion effect. Value of advertising media company that, pouring into modified professional car advertisement, the whole LED display screen for car body fitted play text, pictures, video and other advertising information, the product image by vehicle-mounted mobile advertising screen, exerts a deep in the heart of the audience. , therefore, in the present traditional outdoor LED advertising screen due to a lack of innovation, to bring good brand publicity effect of the background, the car LED screen has become each big advertisers, even industry insiders predicted that car LED screen will directly threaten the outdoor LED display 'bosses' in the field of advertising position, will be used in outdoor advertisement market is one of the most popular LED display products segment, car LED screen in the future market is immeasurable. MicroLED way is expected to dominate vehicle display market besides outdoor car screen, smart car with the Internet, new energy vehicles and automatic driving car penetration of ascension, the car display usage would be sharply increased. New report, says 2017 total annual passenger car display about 2. The machine number, estimates of 4. 1 billion passenger cars in 2025 about growing up to 6 total global automotive panel. The machine number of 2. 4 billion, 2017 ~ 2025 year compound growth rate ( CAGR) 13%. For now, the mainstream car market is still at a high reliability of the stability of the LCD is given priority to, but people still need to be criticized by LCD backlight cannot make high surface problem in subsequent consider replacing by the OLED, OLED situation still by vehicle with high trust problems still to be optimized. But according to the specifications and performance of Micro LED is superior to the contrast and brightness LCD, can improve product price, although due to Micro LED process transfer yield is low, is unable to enter the resolution of the higher order ( PPI) Areas, but if Micro LED can break through the problem, it will likely cut low resolution ( PPI) The application of the replaced LCD is preferred as the car LED display products. Automotive panel, however, high barriers to entry, need at least 3 years of validation and the running-in period, but relatively high gross margin, once become a depot of the supply chain, the panel supply to ensure that the price is relatively stable, not easy to be replaced. In intelligent traffic 8 billion market share, 'walk' LED car commands from a screen, small and exquisite body there is big power. As LED automotive panel market gradually expand, bring more business opportunities for LED display manufacturers, but this is not an end, how to manage the widespread promotion, LED automotive panel on a higher level, and all LED people to think about the problem! High LED
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