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MicroLED rise forecast the next six years

by:Atop     2020-08-30
As one kind of recent years is active in all field of vision in the display technology, after agency predicted MicroLED market scale will reach $600 million in 2019, and after 2019 will present exponential rise, will be part of the market from smart watches, and include increased, and virtual reality, smart phones, TV, humanitarian use equipment, digital signage, laptop computers and monitors, NTE equipment and general and automotive and other applications. Have the ability to display more advantage MicroLED? Industry insiders predict, MicroLED will be 5 - in the future Six years, the size of the market will grow to $20. 5 billion, an average annual growth rate will be above 80%. Due to the huge demand sharp growth factors mainly include the smart watches, mobile devices and NTE ( AR/VR) Equipment and brighter display panel needs more energy efficient. Consumer electronics company, apple, samsung and SONY have showed their interest in MicroLED display technology. MicroLED smart watches and NTE equipment may be in 2019 from prototype development phase to production of the actual product. NTE equipment MicroLED shows the market is expected to be between 2019 and 2025 to achieve the highest CAGR. Because MicroLED brightness and resolution of the display technology is the NTE equipment used in the main engine. Many at the same time, the technology has become the industry leader 'beacon' of the hand. Light is one of the strengths of MicroLED spontaneous expected from 2019 to 2025, the main brand makers, LED display panel suppliers and manufacturers of the asia-pacific region will occupy global MicroLED display market. In 2025, samsung, sharp, panasonic, LG, SONY, and other enterprises will become the main demand of MicroLED display panel. This article from: search LED lighting headlines
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