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Micro/Mini LED technology will become a fresh mouth preempt the OLED TV market leading position?

by:Atop     2020-08-31
Automobil LED screen net reported on January 15th, this year's high-profile 2019 CES exhibition grand opening in Las Vegas, as one of the most influential consumer electronics industry event in the americas, the scene has brought together to promote the development of the global consumer electronics industry professionals and the best electronic products. Among them, the television, as one of the main exhibits of home appliance class, became the leading actor on the CES this year, leading enterprises such as samsung, hisense, 錼 creation science and technology, both with the latest research and development of Micro/Mini LED TV stunning appearance, attract the attention of numerous exhibition, at the same time, also let a person not only conjecture, 2019 Micro/Mini LED technology will become the color TV market fresh mouth, grab the leading status of the OLED. Micro/Mini LED TV appearance at CES rob televisions are familiar tens of billions of TV market, as the necessities of daily life, can be said to be every one is even more necessary. The third quarter of 2018, according to data, color TV market retail sales to 10. 41 million units, retail sales of 30. 3 billion yuan, while in the tourism, real estate and development under the influence of Internet technology, the size of the market compared with last year fell, but the market is still attracted tens of billions of snatching each big TV manufacturers, even spare no effort to invest huge capital for innovation. CES show games in 2019, samsung first launched the second generation of Micro LED panel TV, including 75 inches ( 窗口) , 219 - inch ( 墙上) Two models, and has carried on the display at CES 2019, especially 219 - inch MAC Mciro LED panel TV completely shocked audience, as its name suggests a TV is the feeling of a wall. 75 - inch model Window is a standard 4 k resolution, The peak 1000 nit brightness, samsung will be from The first generation of The thickness of 80 mm down to 30 mm, very suitable for home. Which is 219 inch TV concrete resolution is not released, only know that higher than 4 k, the current sample 2000 nit brightness, retail version listed 4000 nit, bring extreme experience for buyers. Another booth of hisense also not to be outdone, with sizes of 145 inch Mini LED TV, pixel pitch of 0. 833mm。 In this picture level of up to 4 k resolution of all of the time, hisense to overcome a lot of difficulties, the Mini LED technology success to compression of the pixel size, greatly reducing the distance between pixels, take out the mass production can be achieved the Mini LED TV. Compensate for defects or OLED technology into a new generation of display technique in the tuyere of technology upgrading transformation, some TV makers patience wait, some vendors girding for battle, for fear of mistakes caused themselves off the team. LCD, OLED, quantum dots, LED who to carry the banner of the future display technology, obviously haven't a conclusion so far. But from this year's CES exhibition, the television industry leading enterprises have established track for Micro/Mini LED TV, unruffled intrigued snipe at get up the morale of the manufacturer. Micro LED as the most passionate and Mini LED display technology, which has been attracting the attention of panel display industry practitioners and hot. With the current TV industry compared to the most popular OLED technology, Micro LED technology can make the LED unit is less than 100 microns, so as to solve the problem of burning off screen, no life defects in OLED. At the same time, the Micro LED on response time, resolution, screen display effect and so on also ahead of OLED, and overcome the burn-in of OLED headache problem. In addition, the Micro LED can have no back light, illuminated the characteristic, and OLED are similar, but OLED, Micro LED color more accurately debug, longer luminous life and higher brightness. So Micro LED is another after OLED light and energy saving advantage of display technology, after the next generation may be OLED display technology. Mini LED is also a display technology emerging in recent years, compared to the current display technology solutions, has a better display effect and higher cost performance. On display in this consumer to rise ceaselessly, the Mini LED these advantages or will become the future mainstream visual solutions. Assessed by the relevant department, the Mini LED will occupy the market began to rise after 2019 and large area, to assess said in three years after its output will reach 16. 9. 9 billion dollars! Technology, the cost is still to be solved to achieve common business still weighs a lot though Micro and Mini LED LED technology has many advantages, but there is no denying that, at present it is still in its developing stage, face of epitaxial and chip, a huge amount transfer, full color, power drive and so on four big technology and production bottleneck, distance commercial production still have a long way to go. And leading enterprises such as samsung and hisense can successfully developed Micro/Mini LED TV, is due to large capital investment and the top technical support, to truly achieve universal quantification is still heavy. R&d and production enterprises, on the other hand, spend a lot of money, will need to report from the product, so the price of the Micro/Mini LED TV OLED TV is much higher than market. At last year's CES, showed the samsung 146 inches of the first generation of Micro LED TV, 1600 nit brightness, years, prices exceed $100000. How much is the new 219 inch will be unknown, but I'm afraid only home containing 100 inch SONY Z9D sicong can easily accept it. To sum up, every new technology beyond and implement, is of great significance for industry development, especially in the high-end, the impact of the Internet age and color television is bigger under the trend of the development of the new normal, TV makers should be more positive efforts to keep up with the pace of The Times. Automobil LED screen mesh
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