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Micro/Mini LED production key: the balance between technology and cost

by:Atop     2020-08-30
Micro light-emitting diode ( Micro LED) Series in the field of led a consortium, across industries in recent years, development steps for faster, and be seen as a transitional technology of mm leds ( 迷你LED) Also rapid development over the past more than a year. Both has been the challenge on technology, cost considerations is common problem. Prices need to be able to compete with OLED 'Mini LED the biggest problem is not in technology but in cost', a professional, SID exhibition in the United States this year, many Mini LED backlighting mobile phone products on display panel factory, module thickness between 1 to 2 mm, have very thin, dimming partition number ( 当地的暗区) From 200 to 1000 area, product to complete the degree is quite high. Although this kind of product specifications have nearly higher-order existing product level, the number of chips are used to more than 10000, that is to say, the product price will be very considerable. 'Such cases can enter the market with OLED PK, is now facing the most critical problem', the professionals said. Especially being frivolous, save electricity, phone or tablet device compatible or not used to this kind of Mini LED display products is also up for debate, the cost problem would be to the Mini LED can be a key to schedule production. The source said, whether for the Mini LED or Micro LED, mobile phones and tablets are the hardest to cut into the field of application of OLED technology in the field, after all, has been relatively mature. Although to overcome or Micro Mini LED LED technology bottleneck is only a matter of time, but it's also easy to overcome in the short term to reduce the cost. With Mini LED, in the direction of the high top TV kind of development may be a big chance. The personage points out, the Mini LED backlight concept has been long ago, is the straight down type backlight, just before the LED chip size is larger, the cost of materials is too high, now the Mini LED concept will be miniature LED chip size to 100 to 200 microns, or to further reduce the cost of materials, also do not need new equipment spending. The Mini LED straight down type backlight dimming if collocation area, not only high contrast ratio, display effect will be very good. This person thinks, the Mini LED backlight products can develop differentiation straight down type backlight high-order model, is expected to be high order models with OLED, the future also have the opportunity to 8 k high order for the mainstream television market development; E-sports screen (also look good, 游戏监控) Is expected to become one of the Mini LED and rapid development of the field. Micro LED transfer with the highest cost of Mini LED and Micro LED technology is increasingly progress, advancing the time may be faster than past OLED development process, the person that a breakthrough of the organic material with the OLED slower. Micro LED is different from the OLED, belongs to the very mature semiconductor processes, the development mode with OLED is different, need a breakthrough in the process, improve the yield, new equipment and so on, is expected to speed up the progress speed. However, besides has many bottlenecks to breakthrough in technology, cost is still Micro leds can be a big problem to realize the mass production as soon as possible. The source and dismantling the cost structure of Micro LED 2 k resolution, analysis of the overall cost in huge amount transfer (mostly 传质) And repair ( 修复) Proportion of two big projects, and more extreme, compared with other project overall cost is about eight to ten times more than existing display cost. Many manufacturers began to short-term alternative to solve the problem, such as cutting screening before transfer, reduce the transfer after the repair cost; From single-color Micro LED with quantum dots ( QD) Color conversion material, or RGB trichromatic Micro LED to realize full color; Also some redundancy ( Redundancy) Machine, avoid bad points now needs to refines back into cumbersome process, expect to further reduce the huge amount transfer and repairing cost. 'In the long run, whether it is a huge amount transfer or repair costs, the crux lies in delivering the product yield enough mature', the person that how to improve yield rate is a key, all future if in before can do perfect, theoretically in the back can reduce the bad points appear, to reduce the repairing cost, synchronization in a fix, of course, to find new solutions to further cost down; In addition, such as reducing material consumption, improve the efficiency of material use, also is the key to long-term development. Mention huge amount transfer Technology, the source said the Chinese Taiwan area in this Technology development is run faster, currently including engineering institute, Mikro 錼 chong, Taiwan Mesa Technology have special transfer Technology such as patent, other Chinese Taiwan area and panel, LED industry is tie-in, to adjust the volume transfer direction, Micro LED the development of environment is relatively mature. In the big apple, SONY, samsung, etc system, in the future high order TV market, AR projection scheme, etc. , will be a potential development direction, but to cut into the mainstream specifications we need inspect GeChang ability to reduce costs, the person that will take at least three years. 'China's Taiwan region in the future will be a training of Micro LED display', his Micro LED Chinese Taiwan area development opportunity, 'all the technology must be a solution, but the key is the cost, how to strike a balance between technology and cost, will be the key to the future', the source said. This article from: search LED lighting headlines
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