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Micro/Mini LED application in 2022 will account for 11% of the whole LED epitaxial wafer usage

by:Atop     2020-08-28
According to state consultation LED research center report, due to the Micro LED with the emergence of the Mini LED LED display on consumer electronics, from past backlit gradually into the self-luminous, the role of each measuring leds will become pixels, will greatly promote the use of LED epitaxial wafer number. After being related products commercialization, forecast to 2022 Micro LED & Mini LED application will account for 11% of overall LED epitaxial wafer used quantity, become the important application of supporting demand. LEDinside research associate store in points out, about four inches of the world in 2017 when the LED epitaxial wafer usage is about 37 million pieces, annual increase of 30%. Despite the rise of OLED will affect the mobile phone number and large size panel LED backlight, but general lighting, automotive lighting applications of epitaxial wafer using the number continues to grow, along with small spacing display application fast growth, drive LED epitaxial wafer use has increased sharply. But LED manufacturers in China greatly increases production, the future of the whole industry productivity growth is likely to be far higher than that of the demand growth, so the future can only rely on new applications push up demand, especially Micro LED and the progress of Mini LED technology will play an important role. Grow up $600 million to $25. 5 billion in 2022, from 2017 to 2022 CAGR of 7%. Micro LED & Mini LED global manufacturers layout situation of Micro LED because of high resolution, high brightness, save electricity and fast response characteristics, is regarded as a new generation of display technology, to attract global companies such as apple, samsung, LG, Sony, Facebook, Google, etc. Get in. Chinese manufacturers have three Ann photoelectric, HuaCan photoelectric, dry as photoelectric, leah, and trillion chi shares, etc. Steps on the Micro LED research and development, Chinese Taiwan area is quite positive. Engineering institute is setting up a Micro LED trial production line, the fastest in 2018 third quarter will have a product can be handed over to VR. Other important enterprises, such as crystal electricity, auo, innolux, neptunium create and accumulate companies are also engaged in the development of related technologies. Because of the Micro LED still face some technical bottlenecks, is seen as a transitional product Mini LED also favored by manufacturers, chip factory have electricity, ronda, crystal three Ann, HuaCan, etc; Assembly house with light, rong chong, macro, Seoul semiconductor, etc. ; Factory has accumulated, rui ding, IC design and lotus photoelectric etc; Panel factory is auo, innolux; Display manufacturers, including leah, etc. This article from: semiconductor lighting China LED net net
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