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Micro LED or the first incoming wearable devices and large size panel market

by:Atop     2020-09-01
Association for the advancement of photoelectric industry analysts predict will take the lead in Micro LED incoming two big markets, can be wearable devices and large size panel. Foreign media had previously reported that apple will be in 2023 watches and cell phone use Micro LED display panel; And the representative of the large size panel is samsung, samsung exhibited in the 2020 CES 292 inch 8 k Micro LED TV, on the screen, peak brightness, color and resolution has a bright eye. Analysts pointed out that the Micro LED is a new display technology, involves the industry widely, including LED, panels, precision machinery, semiconductor manufacturing, testing and maintenance, so the Micro LED to further technological breakthroughs need to various industries, as to how long is the time, the speed to look at the integration of industry. It is reported that three Ann photoelectric huaxing photoelectric has passed its advantages and jointly established a Micro LED display experimental base, goal is to achieve Micro LED chip manufacturing and transfer ( From the back of LED components technology) Thus forming an RGB trichromatic to inspection, repair and other one-stop manufacturing technology. Expected finished products will be applied to VR/AR wear equipment such as terminal display, high quality of mobile terminal, a giant TV size and screen, etc. In addition, the German developer ALLOS also has display will GaN - 在- - - - - - Si Micro LED technology was applied to 300 mm large chip. Association for the advancement of photoelectric thinks, Micro LED display is composed of a single sub pixel micron grade LED array, compared with the existing LCD and OLED technology, has the lowest power consumption, at the same time have excellent pixel density, contrast and brightness. So the Micro LED technology could eliminate the existing display technology. Association for the advancement of photoelectric further points out that the Micro LED to consumer products and high-end TV display provides a new development opportunities. In addition to the relevant technological breakthrough, the latest industrial action is very frequent, which indicates the feasibility of Micro LED technology has been recognized by the industry. As a new display technology: industry of Micro - Leds, during an outbreak of completely without any new news, expert analysis, because of the outbreak, resulting in a large number of scientific research to cease, and many scientific research projects to a standstill, and Micro - LED technology is one of them. Save the Micro - the star of the LCD panel LED is also called the miniature leds, refers to the LED array, high-density integrated LED pixel array of distance in 10 micron, each LED pixel can be illuminated. The technology will be the traditional inorganic LED array miniaturization, each size 10 microns in size LED pixels can be independent of the location, light. That is to say, the original small spacing between the size of leds can be narrowed to 10 micron. Micro- LED display is very direct, connect the 10 micron scale LED chip TFT driving substrate, so as to realize the precise control of put brightness of each chip, and then realize the image display. The personage inside course of study says, Micro - LED has high resolution, low power consumption, high brightness, high contrast, high color saturation, fast response speed, thickness thin, long life and other characteristics, low power consumption can be 50% to 10% of the LCD, OLED, is looking forward to the next generation display technology industry, is to let the liquid crystal panel to all new technology. This theory is not without data support, there are institutions, according to Micro - LED and OLED compared to the same display brightness, only need the latter 10% or so of the coating area. Can reach 30 times that of the OLED brightness at the same time, and the resolution of 1500 ppi ( Pixel density) , the equivalent of Apple Watch with OLED panel of 300 ppi five times as much. However, this technology already in research and development bottleneck in the last year. It is understood that the Micro - LED huge amount on the transfer process, even if the industry can be a breakthrough, but to really improve yield, reduce cost, also need to take time. In addition, Micro - There is a big problem is the LED full color, light wavelength consistency problem. Those behind the new technology of Micro - though LED into a bottleneck, but there are still many companies are eagerly to looking forward to the birth of it. Grapefruit, samsung is the first to Micro - LED technology to the market, but it is not the only one. LG also research and development on the Micro - LED, and at last year's IFA Berlin exhibited at the international consumer electronics show a demo panel. And the Chinese electrical appliances manufacturer TCL at CES 2019 also shows its first Micro - The LED TV. As early as in 2012, SONY started to research and development of various types of LED TV, SONY and samsung are in the field of movie theaters and other commercial big screen shows the similar technology.
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