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Micro LED is expected to become the mainstream of 5 g terminal display technology, the industry faces many challenges

by:Atop     2020-08-31
Recently held in 2019 the third China ( International) Micro- LED display peak BBS reveals the new characteristics of industrial development. For Micro - Industrialization of LED display, experts say, first of all should develop more advantages compared with LCD or OLED areas, mainly for TV, wearable devices, such as car use scenarios, and is suitable for the use of flexible transparent scenario. Next year is expected to have more products. But there are still many problems need to solve large-scale commercial. A good momentum of development of Micro - Leds is LED miniaturized and matrix technology, the LED back light film, miniaturization, array, like the OLED can achieve addressed separately for each figure yuan, individual drive light-emitting ( Spontaneous light) 。 The chip size, Micro - Leds are generally less than 50 micron, small spacing LED at about 500 microns. As the Micro - The transition of the LED, the Mini - LED between 50 microns to 200 microns. Relying on many excellent display performance, Micro - The LED is considered to be a strong candidate for the next generation display technology. Including low power consumption, high brightness, high resolution, high color saturation, fast response speed, high contrast, wide viewing Angle, illumination, and long service life. In theory, Micro - LED the power consumption of about 50% of the 10% of the LCD, OLED. Based on these excellent properties, Micro - LED is on track to wearable terminals, smart phones, AR, VR, car shows, TV and large display on the application of advantage. Since 2012, the first Micro - SONY launched at CES LED products ( 电视) Since, samsung, huaxing photoelectric, konka, tianma, LG and so on all have show their Micro - LED products. Micro- LED industry gradually heating up. According to incomplete statistics, in recent years, overseas start-up Micro - LED the company constantly emerging, and several large Internet companies such as apple, Google, Facebook have intervention; At the same time, Beijing Oriental, huaxing photoelectric, panda, d cigna, au optronics display panel companies such as optoelectronics, and group three Ann, dry, HuaCan LED chip companies, such as the star, lehman, Switzerland abundant and umc LED packaging companies to join. Regarded as Micro - The LED will play a greater role in the age of 5 g. Department of physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, nanjing university professor zheng 炓 introduction, Micro - Leds will support 5 g and 5 g + 8 k + VR/AR terminal display new requirements. With the breakthrough of production technology, Micro - LED display is expected to become the mainstream of information age 5 g terminal display technology. Au optronics forward-looking technology research center, a senior associate yu-chieh Lin said, 5 g and AIOT era, to display industry has brought the very big impact, but the impact is benign stimulation. Information transmission speed faster and faster, more and more high to the requirement of carrying the hardware. New applications appear constantly, to display a variety of applications. Discuss the way of industrialization of Micro - LED display technology is regarded as fresh mouth which display technology development, but its high cost, the key technical problems still to be breakthrough, such as Micro - LED technology of large-scale industrialization still needs time. Ministry of industry and electronic information department chief Wang Weiwei that industrialization needs to grasp the three principles. First of all, technology selection have to obey the industrialization requirements as soon as possible. 'From the CRT to LCD, at that time did not consider the optimal liquid crystal technology, but in the past 20 years the LCD industry development. Therefore, industrialization may not start with the most optimal technology. 'Second, the ability to have the technology in the process of industrialization of iteration and resources. 'If the technology is good, but the cost is huge, did not last iteration of ability, the technology to industrialization. 'Third, alignment can be the direction of industrialization at present. 'And the big size is the Micro - back LED subdivision direction relative to see clearly. Chip manufacturing, materials, modules, panels and other related enterprises to determine the target to discuss the way of industrialization. Around the target, launch goods as soon as possible, rather than just products. 'A number of experts and enterprise representatives think, considering the Micro - LED unsubstitutable advantages, large size and small size may be more suitable for take the lead in industrialization. Micro - large size LED display, focusing on 5 g + 8 k, 5 g + IOT + CC + AI trigger new demand and large size and high-definition TV, the development trend of intelligent; Micro - small sizes LED display, focusing on 5 g + AR/VR display terminal demand, development of a portable terminal AR, VR, smart watches and sunshine car looked up and display applications such as used in the environment. Have 炓 zheng said that, since 2012, successively introduced advanced high-end prototype and products, and accept the order. But consumers affordable advanced high-end products have market prospect. 5 g + AR/VR as of next generation information technology development, as its ecosystem Micro display terminal, the Micro - The LED display industry development plays a big role. Micro- LED micro display after 10 years of research and development, the industrialization of technical route began to clear.
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