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Marty natalegawa highlighting Chinese LED display custom writing

by:Atop     2020-09-15
LED display from the date of birth, is the physical product customization. In order to expand application market, improve the convenience of using LED display, LED display industry has been committed to the construction of standardization and standard parts, stride forward in the standardization of the construction of the road. The rapid development of LED industry, promote the development of standardization and standard parts, this makes the LED display screen in the field of engineering standardization doing business is one of the best. LED display has been customized high product, although the standardization and standard parts played a large role in the development of LED display, but LED display engineering properties has not changed. In today's China is the high speed development of industrial countries, mass production of the construction of the industrial economy, also makes more and more homogeneity product, the market also lack a lot of customized products, in order to meet the individual needs and preferences of all walks of life are also introduced is different from the standardization of customized products. Maslow's demand theory, points out that person's demand is always after meet the needs of the lowest level to high level needs to be developed. LED display at the same time meet the need of basic functionality, people also need to put forward the higher attributes. LED display is from the function attributes to the development of spirit, it also improved the LED display creative needs, cultural creativity enhance the connotation of LED display, many LED display become a landmark in the cultural creativity, become our spiritual totem. Customization is a higher standard of personalized, has higher requirement for standard, custom is for engineering a higher level of ascension. What is customized production is customized according to customer's specific requirements for the design and production of personalized products and services, or solutions. In the production of LED display market standardization to promote the product mass production. Universal product has satisfied people's demand for LED products, disorderly production resulting in a lot of excess capacity, face a saturated market LED display companies need is the optimization of product upgrades, to explore new economic needs. In this era of high on ego, the personalized requirements of customers and there are many aspects are not satisfied, screen companies need to do is keep study specific target the personalized needs of customers, continuously under such demand niche layout production can meet the demand of customer diversified products. Customize the content of the customer demand in accordance with the product level can be divided into the perceptual and the rational demand. Perceptual demand on the surface, customized LED display product with the ordinary display screen is the biggest difference between the shape and size. The perceptual demand breeds new display market we will call it creative. On April 26, 2018, otto electronic use dozens of pieces of 1000 square meters of the LED display screen makes the 'world-class giants hub' the guangzhou baiyun international airport T2 terminal. One of the arrival hall creative propylaea, bent status display, the image quality gives a person the sense of pleasure. Transit zone of the cloud gallery of 300 square meters of hoisting awning screen, eye-catching large display screen, shock effect. And compelling 3 piece of 36 square meters inside and outside arc double-sided screen stands in terminal square, its ultra wide Angle also gives passengers to watch different feelings.
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