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Makers are layout MiniLED/MicroLED application be born what problem?

by:Atop     2020-08-31
Nearly two years, MiniLED and MicroLED arose, and cause the market higher. Among them, as the next generation of backlight MiniLED technology, is expected to overall MiniLED output value will reach $1 billion in 2023. At the same time, because of OLED panel capacity constraints, is expected to 2018 MiniLED is expected to huawei, Oppo, VIVO using well-known consumer electronics such as terminal. It is understood that MiniLED application mainly in two aspects, one is for LCD backlight, using MiniLED as back light, can save electricity, thin and high contrast ( Regional dimmer) The LCD panel. Since 2017, each big LCD companies are actively follow up, has exhibited related products; 2 it is applied to large size small spacing, according to a relatively small spacing display of traditional SMT process, using MiniLED can achieve a smaller spacing, higher reliability, better display quality. There are companies to develop related products, expected future LED display and the application of large size TV will be MiniLED mainstream. It is reported that domestic famous LED display solution provider state science and technology, to MiniLED and MicroLED display technology has a high degree of attention continuously, and actively put into technology research and development and the product layout. In MiniLED product research and development, the state science and technology for different applications in the field of product characteristics, a study on the differentiation of technical solution, respectively. From the perspective of the development of related products, now state science and technology have been developed to the second generation product, the sample has made much money, and in the test sample or small batch trial-produce, while no large shipments, but soon may receive the customer's order. In fact more than state science and technology, as a leader of the domestic LED display market, leah's original also always attaches great importance to technological innovation, leading the LED display technology and product changes. Recently, leah DE said in 'performance' and new products, I will release, blockbuster released Supersafe technology based on the LED display and MiniLED display new products, win the attention from all walks of life. According to Dr Leah DE senior r&d engineer, Mary, 'compared with the existing market LED display products, leah's release MiniLED display product in reliability, quality, and has more advantages in such aspects as protection. So far, our MiniLED products in small batches validation phase, no pricing and shipment, but we will hold to the market. 'Despite the display like leah, and state science and technology application of giant positive layout, but for MiniLED can truly be born production, many in the industry will still been sceptical, because there are still many problems need to overcome the current MiniLED applications. In Dr Mary's view, 'now MiniLED production and promotion in the field of large size screen is facing two big problems, costs and repair. 'In terms of cost, the first is the cost of materials, because of miscellaneous sex, a set of RGB MiniLED chip cost is much higher than conventional leds, because of this, only applies MiniLED point spacing is less than 1. The large size of high-end display 0 mm, just have price advantage; Followed by the process cost, the current MiniLED solid crystal technology is still using the traditional solid crystal machine, relative to traditional SMT process, its efficiency is low, technology cost is high. For repair, although MiniLED screen has higher reliability, but still need to consider repair process. MiniLED whole sealing technology on display, when a bad point, must remove the seal material to replace the LED chip, and then to carry on the seal, and ensures the maintenance after don't see significant differences. But from the Angle of product development, any new technology from birth to highly mature application, need certain technology research and development cycle and the client inspection cycle. During this period, if the financial support of upstream chip manufacturers have no orders, the cost reduction speed will slow, leading to product the overall explosion hit. For MiniLED application, the difficulty of landing, state science and technology on the coping strategies from four aspects: first, actively make industry layout, keep the layout of the prophase work of related products and technology;
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