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Makar le lamp346 lamp power tiananmen square LED light makeup

by:Atop     2020-08-14
It is reported that recently, and LanXin its assembly house makar le lamp346 tubes 2 piece of huge led screen at Beijing's tiananmen square, north of monument. Colorful colorful, five-color, added a beautiful beautiful scenery line in tiananmen square. During the 60th anniversary of National Day military parade, adopting LanXin in the production of high brightness chip LED display in tiananmen square on both sides of the monument to the people's heroes, colorful design and marked signs that appeared on the screen, attracts many Beijing residents and visitors come to visit and take photos. These two screens originally prepared to loan for three years, is only temporary on May 1, National Day and other important festivals to add to the tiananmen square. But due to the screen effect is very good, enrich the square landscape, the relevant departments will make a decision, will the giant screen replacement upgraded to a higher resolution of new LED screen fixed facilities, long-term retention as tiananmen square. New screen to continue to use LanXin technology LED chips, LED bulb, by makar encapsulation, new LED respectively 40 meters, 7 meters high, long distance of 12 mm, the super bright, high definition; Picture is spectacular and gorgeous, the successful completion of upgrading the glorious mission. This article from: search LED lighting headlines
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