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Macro qi, the magnitude is launched the Mini LED display program, gathered in Touch Taiwan exhibition

by:Atop     2020-08-17
8/29 - 8/31 of the three-day wisdom display and touch show, 联系台湾) Nangang gallery exhibition in Taipei, more because of the Mini LED display industry, Micro LED the issues of persistent fever, accumulate, macro, the magnitude vendors are launched the Mini LED display program, toward P1. 0 super small spacing according to the market. According to the latest research report ledcax '2019 global outlook - LED display market Cinemas, rental market and price trend 'shows that as the LED display in the rental market, HDR application market, retail department stores, meeting market demand increases, LED display market scale will reach 93 in 2022. $4. 9 billion, estimates 2018 ~ 2022 growth rate of 12%. Among them, 2018 indoor small spacing the size of the market is expected to grow to 19. $9. 7 billion, the annual growth as high as 39%, mainly come from with continuous fermentation the future trend of ultra small spacing, the 2018 ~ 2022 growth rate will reach 28%. HDR display application market including theater, home theater, a bar and theme park HDR can show similar to the dynamic range of the human eye can perceive, improve the brightness and contrast. Build a closer to real visual impressions, immersion effect, feel seamless transformation of virtual and reality. Small spacing of LED display screen to the highest quality standard HDR. Macroblock to? HDR - 优化? Concept launch MBI5359 driver IC, the scene show feel really 16 - in contrast The colour of bit freshness. Accumulate the light-emitting diodes carrying MBI5359 Huang Bingkai said the Mini - division manager LED display cabinet, Point spacing: 0. 75毫米) , 400 x400 resolution, can be used on the display of all sizes, to billboard. Compared with the traditional SMD leds or COB, Mini LED display applications indoors, has more advantages, including the wider viewing Angle, higher reliability, no Moore lines, etc. , won't produce the phenomenon of color under different Angle of view, also won't have LED string light interference between the phenomenon. Macro qi field shows four one Mini LED display, product high collision, point spacing to P1. 25, there are screens customers to negotiate and cooperate. The Mini LED display screen, COB point spacing of P0. Towards 75, P1. 0 super small spacing according to market, flip chip Mini LED products have better electrical performance, better heat dissipation, and low signal interference, low even the circuit loss. The scene to see the product with high reliability and color uniformity. Macro together at the same time show the Mini LED backlight products that vehicle shows that the market will be the future development goals, is now in talks with panel customers. Autoart electronic 81 inch screen with four one Mini LED encapsulation, the star product with high contrast and reliability. View of macro, the star pioneered four one Mini LED encapsulation, the four groups of RGB LED as a wrapper, LED pin ( Pin) The number of integrated into eight, Mini LED display LED the border of the pin design, optimize the pin number, reduce the solder joints, solve the problem and a welding firmly knock against, thus has higher protective and reliability, quite suitable for application in the rental market, especially the rental market towards small spacing according to market development, the Mini LED COB one with four Mini LED products is expected to preempt the SMD surface encapsulation traditional market share. This article from:
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