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Luminescent material localization development opportunity for count domestic core OLED light-emitting materials enterprises

by:Atop     2020-08-19
OLED found that dates back to 1963, Pope found the electroluminescent characteristics of single crystal anthracene, but in the true sense of OLED is accidentally discovered in 1979 by professor tang. OLED( OrganicLight - 发光二极管) Also known as organic laser display, belongs to a kind of current type of organic light emitting devices, by carrier injection and composite luminescence phenomena, luminous intensity is proportional to the injection current. With the continuous improvement of OLED technology, OLED luminescence properties also fired from fluorescent and phosphorescent emission gradually transition to the TADF ( Thermal excitation delay fluorescence) Launch. In general, the OLED luminescence materials can be divided into two types: small molecule OLED and polymer OLED ( Can also be called PLED) 。 OLED display more light than LCD, high brightness, low power consumption, fast response, high resolution, good flexibility, high luminous efficiency, to meet consumer demand for new display technology. Normally OLED can press luminescent material is divided into two kinds: small molecule OLED and polymer OLED ( Can also be called PLED) 。 On the OLED industry chain can be divided into three stages of production, and the middle and lower upstream for manufacturing equipment, materials, parts and assembly; Middle reaches of OLED panels manufacturing, and assembly; Downstream terminal application market is developing rapidly in recent years, mobile phones, TV, dressing equipment, computer, car, AR/VR and lighting, etc. Downstream according to the different methods of color, mainly divided into two major areas, display and lighting. OLED downstream mainly includes two fields: the display and lighting, OLED panel expects 2022 global market space will reach $51. 1 billion, 2019 - Compound growth rate of 21% in 2022. Display area, mobile phone for the greatest market demand, is expected to market scale will amount to $33. 3 billion in 2022. Global market scale in the field of OLED in lighting is expected to more than $3. 5 billion, to 2022-2019 Compound growth rate of more than 80% in 2022. Rate is low and insufficient capacity is the main factor restricting the development of domestic OLED industry. In recent years, these factors are gradually solved: 1) Domestic rate continues to climb, the OLED panel is expected to reduce cost, the domestic panel makers, led by boe, roa 2 - in the future Three years is expected to climb to closer to the global leading samsung's level, and when the rate more than 80%, the OLED costs will be lower than LCD, drive faster enhance permeability; 2) The domestic panel makers to ramp up production capacity layout, 2 - in the future 3 annual capacity gradually release: mainland Chinese companies more than construction of AMOLED production line, the future 2 - — Three years will be put into production, which can form about 460000 / month 6 generation capacity AMOLED panel. In addition to the mobile phone, television, the OLED display will also gain a foothold in the field of VR and wearable. VR devices on light, wide Angle, high refresh rate and low light, OLED screen is the only can provide a good comfortable experience. According to the Chinese industry information network prediction, wearable intelligent equipment for the future development mainly focus in the field of smart watches, about the size of the market is expected to reach $1 billion in 2020, 2016 - Compound growth rate of 71% in 2020. Most of the key materials of OLED technology intensive and capital intensive, the current supply monopoly by foreign companies, mainly American, Japanese, Korean enterprise. OLED materials technical barriers is higher, the vast profit space. Expect OLED materials the size of the market is expected to be in rapid growth to 22, 2023. $800 million, 2018 - In 2023 the average annual compound growth rate of up to 17. 1%. In recent years, the national related departments have issued a number of policy to promote and guide the OLED industry standard and continuous development. In 2012, the state launched the 'twelfth five-year' national strategic emerging industry development plan clearly put forward the 'new generation such as accelerate the OLED display technology research and development and industrialization. The next six years, developed a series of related policy, encourage and support the OLED materials, and technological innovation and development of OLED panel. Domestic core OLED luminescence materials enterprise 1 Ji Mr Lin to DE photoelectric material co. , LTD. ( 871531). Company's main business of organic electroluminescent ( OLED) Materials and related products research and development, production, sales and after-sale technical services. Company engaged in high-performance OLED materials industry for more than ten years, it is the first domestic national project supported by the organic luminescent material industrialization base, is the 'director of China OLED industry alliance launched units and units. Company's existing OLED products include hole injection materials and hole-transporting materials, luminescent material ( A travelling light system, the phosphorescence system) Materials, electronic transmission four categories over nearly a century, and dozens of OLED intermediates. Products directly into Shanghai and glow electricity, the photoelectric, d cigna. 2 r united new material ( 835406). Xi 'an rui united new material co. , LTD. , mainly engaged in liquid crystal display materials, organic electroluminescent materials ( The OLED materials) , pharmaceutical intermediates and other fine chemicals research and development, production and sales. Company production of OLED materials mainly for OLED intermediates and OL ED before sublimation materials, now has more than 1000 kinds of OLED monomer and intermediate of synthesis and purification technology, the downstream customers such as electronic Germany Merck Han Guode mountain.
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