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Look from the lamp pole big screen heat LED display application how to expand the wisdom city

by:Atop     2020-06-16
In recent years, the light pole screen performance in many cities have bright eye, like in xuzhou, jiangsu province, as early as in 2016, the first intelligent light pole is pilot screen, function is very powerful. In addition to the foundation of road lighting function, it integrates Wi - along the street Fi, camera, voice broadcast, display, signs, environmental testing, PM2。 5) , weather detection, multiple functions such as mobile phone, car battery charging pile. Tianjin, shenzhen, Beijing has LED lamp post screen pilot project, the actual effect and obtained the relevant government departments acceptance and recognition. Light pole can screen natural popular in cities has its unique advantages, from was replaced with the LED lighting panel light boxes advertising contrast has many advantages, the LED light pole screen can show the dynamic video advertising, can express more propaganda, also more eye-catching, light pole screen have syncing and synchronous playback, plus more than 140 degrees can design point of view, on the road this in a hurry, even look in sitting in a moving vehicle, also won't miss the advertising content. Driving on the highway, no matter how far, always accompanied by hd street light screen broadcast content, to alleviate the driver fatigue driving also had a considerable effect. In terms of light pole screen itself, on the production and there is no special technical barriers, the installation in relation to traditional outdoor screen and unique advantages, can achieve such effect, in addition to rely on policy support, these advantages have wisdom city thanks to its grabbing more pain points of information. Its very good in harmony with the surrounding environment, to break the limitations of traditional media advertising information, changed the traditional display brightness is not enough, the present situation of the information change is not convenient. Implements the broadcast transmission, through networking from the spot. And from the amount of advertising is to, light box advertising is only one, less change of it is very trouble, not only cost a lot of manpower and material resources, financial resources, the effect also is bad, and the screen has a strong light pole control system, only with the help of a control system can control the light pole change screen advertising, is very convenient. Its life is also very long, the light failure degree is relatively small, more durable, service life is generally for 10 years. Wisdom of LED lamp post screen not only can play audio, video, text and other multimedia content, can also use a mobile phone connection Wi - Fi Internet access, video monitoring road information, the display of temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, PM2. Five values such as environmental data, and at the same time can also play the convenient service such as information, achieve business value and service functions of the people's livelihood, people can timely attention to the change of the surrounding environment, and make corresponding response to life and production. As of the first half of 2018, China's nearly 140000 km highway mileage, total length of nearly 5 million kilometers, the mileage scale first in the world, the increasing of the highway construction to promote the vigorous development of outdoor advertising, make the market demand for light pole screen is becoming more and more big. And with the naked eye 3 d and VR, AR technology mature, the future of the light pole screen will have more possible, light pole screen pandemic is also the trend of development. As an important niche LED display, LED the development of the light pole screen will lead to the development of the whole LED display industry, and throughout the entire Chinese LED display industry, the big but not strong state has been unable to reverse, and change the state of the most important thing is to form the core competitiveness, which requires companies to have advanced technology, perfect after-sales service, and brand competitiveness. And the LED display industry, many enterprises are mostly small and medium enterprises, many of the small and medium-sized enterprises in industry homogeneity, the price war prevailing in in all sorts of chaos, like a drowning child to catch what you saw, what can make money is what to do. These companies conduct and chaos, often no matter what niche of the screen, as long as there is a market to find a way to drilling, whether traditional screen, transparent screen or bar screen all want to get their hands on, the result is that many operations and technical miscellaneous and not more and master of none. As the saying goes, "bite off more than one can chew! This is the existing situation of many enterprises and industry big and not strong. No matter what the customer wants to screen can meet the basic, many companies can do, not their own characteristics and specialty. LED display in shenzhen, plenty of the enterprise, and doing light pole screen not only do other enterprise a handful of the screen. Without the strength of large enterprises, these companies to put their energy dispersion, so how to form competitive? View, we should from the success of the LED lamp post screen the whole LED display industry development enlightenment. First is relying on the wisdom urban construction around the big situation, wisdom city construction are sure to create opportunities for LED screen of light pole, can take on the whole LED display industry wisdom city express? The answer is yes. In addition, light pole screen, also benefits from blended in many high tech and the surrounding information, now the feeling of the high and new technology give a person with tall, what don't even need to high and new technology, many familiar technology can also bring different spark, the surrounding information make light pole screen that a single product into local, very grounding gas. Our LED to also want to like this, on the technology combining with more high and new science and technology, on the application of return to life, become grounding gas. As a result, the LED display industry can have a different situation. Really want to stand up and LED display industry, will each niche precision farming, every niche to have more business to go to study, and form their own core competitiveness, only in this way can the LED display industry is getting better and better.
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