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Light pollution will be included in the legal system management LED display enterprise needs attention

by:Atop     2020-08-18
Automobil LED screen mesh on April 22, such as artificial intelligence, big data and the Internet of things technology is increasingly mature, wisdom city sparked a new urban construction boom. According to relevant data show that there are more than 600 domestic cities in promoting wisdom city construction, although now wisdom city construction in our country is still in its infancy stage, the future with wisdom, wisdom, communications, intelligence, wisdom, campus security, wisdom, will be the focus of the wisdom urban community areas, trillions of market potential for quick release. With wisdom city underway in the project, however, as a wisdom city display terminal of the LED display will be ubiquitous, followed by a 'light pollution' problem is more and more serious, LED outdoor display related enterprises should be how to deal with? Light pollution LED display industry has long been a problem with the advancement of industrialization, in the early 1930 s, the international day letters, puts forward the concept of light pollution, light pollution, however, it was not until recent years attention by people. Light pollution as a by-product of industrial civilization, and its sources include building exterior and interior lighting, advertising, commercial real estate, factory lighting, street lamps, and sports venues. Outdoor LED display screen is widely used in outdoor advertising media in recent years, become the most eye-catching signs, designs city-lighting today along with the advancement of wisdom city, urban building lighting engineering, intelligent lighting project more and more, but because there is no clear standard definition, outdoor display screen brightness depending on the manufacturer or the user's own definition, so there is a misunderstanding of the light pollution, in fact use many outdoor display screen, outdoor lighting at night is inefficient, too bright, inappropriate goals, inappropriately covered, and in many cases, completely unnecessary. In the LED display industry has been in the habit of using high brightness LED light source, 'a bright make ugly', when the brightness is very high, can cover a lot of screen for defects. And high brightness, is the direct cause of the 'light pollution', caused by light pollution comes mainly from two aspects: first, it is a manufacturing from the screen. Some display screen manufacturers to cater to the market demand, the one-sided pursuit of high brightness, plus there is no related standards, some enterprises blindly follow suit, also produced some outdoor display brightness exceeds bid badly, which caused serious light pollution, this phenomenon is not the case in the LED display industry. Second, on the screen using the link, a lot of the use of LED display, because there is no a professional comprehensive grasp of the performance of LED display, on the LED display of play time, day and night is a big difference. Light during the day because of the high demand for display brightness is high also, but do not need too bright at night, so is unnecessarily high brightness. Because there is no relevant standard specification, the owner also does not have to display the corresponding debugging, resulting in a certain light pollution. Light pollution will be included in the legal system management LED companies need pay attention to in fact as early as in December 2014, the regulations on the outdoor advertisement setting technology of chengdu has been officially implemented. The regulations explicitly, outdoor LED display of 22 at the latest closing time. After October 1, 2018 implementation of the LED display interference light evaluation requirements ( GB / T 36101 - 2018). On the LED display interference classification and evaluation requirements of light at night made specific provision, chongqing is also the first LED display light pollution case judgment according to the regulations. On the two sessions this year, the CPPCC national committee, China's environmental monitoring station, a researcher at WenXiang color proposal, to pay attention to light pollution damage, especially to be included in the management of rule of law. LED display industry in outdoor LED display market, there is no certain standard, and the use of high brightness light source, caused the people of light pollution, but this kind of light pollution can be control LED display companies should also be recognized the problem, select the appropriate light source. The future light pollution problems will be on the application of legislation, LED outdoor display screen will be urgent to solve this problem. It should be said that local governments in recent years, urban construction department makes clean up and rectify the outdoor advertising market, has been a wake-up call for us. LED display industry is time should face to face with the problem. LED outdoor display related enterprises should be how to deal with in the first place, LED display enterprise needs to change ideas. Before the light pollution in LED outdoor display screen that there was no related laws and regulations to regulate and the corresponding standards, relevant enterprises also light pollution problems also. Now light pollution problem will be discussed into the legislative level, outdoor LED display screens and related enterprises to start from the concept of value, and also want to include light pollution in the enterprise production operation of important considerations.
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