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Lei Taiwan such as the LED light factory in September revenue decline generally, operating in the fourth quarter will present a seasonal effect

by:Atop     2020-08-19
October 15, Yahoo! 's news, September revenue decline generally, Taiwan LED factory crystal electric, macro, only the east bay, honor and revenue growth, in the fourth quarter gradually enter the traditional off-season, plus working days decreased, with uncertainty about a trade war with China in the fourth quarter operating a seasonal effects. September revenue growth stocks mostly only modest growth, crystal electricity continue to write new highs this year, but growth slightly, assembly house macro qi relatively significant revenue growth in September, 9 month increase rate. 17% to 2. 4. 9 billion yuan, Nt, hereinafter the same) , but the reductions in 14. 2%; Crystal power, honor a month increased 1. 36%, 1. 53%, all is record high since 2018, but is relative to the same period of last year year minus 22%, 12. 2%. It is understood that the macro qi photoelectron ( Shenzhen) Co. , LTD is a shenzhen Hong Kong specializing in the production of semiconductor light-emitting diodes (leds) of high and new technology enterprise, the headquarters is located in shenzhen baoan district paddy field community shilong wang industrial 2 ding bao macro green garden. Macro qi photoelectron main products include all kinds of light-emitting diode ( 灯了,芯片LED, LED等) 0603. 0805. 1206. 3528. 2835. 5050, etc. Macro qi photoelectron on June 1, 2012, The word no. 00868) To join the shenzhen association of electronic information industry. Another inductance components manufacturers ding yuan, light lei revenue also synchronized recession, September 2, respectively. 1. 5 billion yuan, 4. 2. 3 billion yuan, 23. 6%, 12. 3%. Data shows, ding yuan photoelectric technology co. , LTD is mainly engaged in optoelectronics and optical photovoltaic industry related industry. Products: compound semiconductor components - - Visible light LED grain, the infrared LED grain, optical communication products light lei technology co. , LTD. Founded in 1983, steadily corporate culture, has accumulated rich experience and professional. Over the past 25 years, grasps to guest of honour is the faith, the LED chip as the core enterprise, offer diverse products, tailored solutions for our customers. Main products: 1. Light emitting components such as light-emitting diodes grain, infrared emission diode grain. 2. Sensing element such as inspection light diode grain, inspection photoelectric crystal grain, grain light brake fluid, joint surface grain field-effect transistors, infrared thermal sensor components, high power electronic components. 3. System products including LED display, LED lighting lamps and lanterns, LED automotive lighting and other products. In the fourth quarter because of work fewer days, plus season chassis point effect, operating into the traditional off-season, should not to take off this season this year cycle, but this year there is a trade war with China and other interference factors, the industry is still operating careful observation in the fourth quarter. Yahoo! Kimo
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