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Lehman shares: widening COB capacity to continue production point spacing smaller COB

by:Atop     2020-08-14
In the first half of 2018, LED industry as a whole this year from last year's full recovery to start gradually differentiation, LED industry is full of surprises, increased competition, prices, raw material prices, and under the influence of a trade war with China, the whole industry will be faced with the risk of earnings growth is slowing. From the downstream application side, China LED downstream application market output growing steadily. As the technology mature and reduced the cost, the future value chain gradually shift to the downstream of the LED, LED in the field of general lighting market penetration will increase further, LED display, small spacing is emerging in the process of modernization, in the market and a development in the spring. With the rise of small spacing LED display, LED display demand also gradually lift packaging device. With the mature of encapsulation technology, small spacing LED encapsulation increasingly diversified. COB as a kind of new packaging technology, with encapsulated directly instead of 'table paste process table after encapsulated into a lamp bead first stick' two steps of the process, to the LED display industry brings more space and more likely. As the COB technology continues to heat up, since entering the 2018, COB product market supply ability constantly improve, COB LED display small spacing is becoming a bigger project according to the latest of a delta. At present, in the small distance between the LED and COB showed large size has wide application in the field of business display scenes. Small spacing shows, the current COB technology and products in the field of LED small spacing is a leading products, competition is small, blue ocean is industry; Large size business show, COB can bring more value for commercial display, far more than ordinary rendering of traditional LED brings to the goods. According to the latest data show that in the first half of 2018 China small spacing LED display sales year-on-year growth in 70. 5%; Sales area 51. The year-on-year growth of 9%. COB product marketing and nurture has worked, terminal market recognition has obvious change, COB into 'harvest'. In view of this, many LED display enterprise constantly adjust strategy. Recently, lehman shares in accepting the institutional research said, 'at present, the company in adjusting sales strategy, with the aid of COB open the domestic market, due to rising company COB popularity, future COB revenue growth is expected to be big, in the next two years the domestic business proportion is expected to more than 50%. 'Lehman shares as a mix of LED industry of integrated packaging and hd display technology for the integration of technology listed company, since 2014 began to actively explore COB display technology innovation, constantly breakthroughs, research fruits, have a more profound COB core technology accumulation. On September 12, lehman shares chairman lee diffuse iron on investor relations activities, 'lehman's COB products adopted independent core integrated packaging technology and control technology, an effective protective performance - made products - Wear-resisting, compression, anti-collision, waterproof, anti-static; 160 degrees full hd resolution, broad perspective, image overlay area is larger, give customers the whole perspective of viewing experience; And unique optical lens design, effectively alleviate grain feeling, also can filter blue light, suitable for long time; Nanosecond response speed, can ensure the dynamic picture clear, coherent, no card. 'It is understood that in the second half of 2017 lehman shares launched the third generation of COB LED display panels, small spacing COB to become an industry take the lead in the small distance between the LED display panel production technology of listed companies. It is due to grasp core technology industry's latest COB, lehman photovoltaic research and development production of P1. 2,P1。 5,P1。 9 hd LED small spacing display products have been shipped in batches at the end of May 2018, obtain customer recognition. Until now, lehman shares COB small spacing products have been used successfully in domestic kilter traffic, public security, business and other fields, and North America, Britain, Germany, the Czech republic and other professional LED products enterprises and dealers as the next generation of small spacing for popularization and application. Li iron said, 'lehman shares COB products with super performance has attracted customers, conference center, command center, monitoring center, dispatch center, business center and other places of large size high definition display application of the latest technology. 'It is worth mentioning that lehman shares in huizhou ZhongKai state-level high-tech industrial park of the new lehman production line debugging production smoothly, improve yield, to realize production capacity is expected in the near future. Next, lehman shares will continue to expand the COB capacity, and continue production point spacing smaller COB products. For example, the Mini/Micro LED also need COB process to cooperate, so lehman shares over the next three years to the Mini/Micro LED product planning also includes upgrades, lead spacing era. High LED
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