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Led the size of the market for $2018 to $550. 9 billion, compound growth rate of up to 23. 7%

by:Atop     2020-09-07
LED display channel 29 news, according to the data show that since 2011, the rapid growth of China LED the size of the market, from 154 billion yuan in 2011 to grow by 2018 LED the size of the market reached 550. 9 billion yuan, compound growth rate of up to 23. 7%. With the transformation and upgrading of industry and the demand of the market and industry technology to optimize each other, the prospects of the LED display industry is very period, however, on the road to development still exist many difficulties and challenges, and even the proliferation of uncontrollable factors, then display manufacturers and how to stay out, seeking its own steady growth? With its own niche advantage currently more and more LED manufacturers in an increasingly competitive industry and the traditional market shrinking profit margins, are turning to the LED display screen market segment, many LED manufacturers began to focus on cultivating the development of a niche product, or even to 'split one kind of product, market perfectly' as the development strategy, focus on niche market LED display products, such as the LED screen 'ice' stage to the world of one product photoelectric and so on. From this year's 2018 Shanghai LED show new products, we can also see that now LED display product differentiation trend to strengthen, it also means that display manufacturers clear positioning of the trend will continue. This trend of market segmentation, relatively reduced the screen enterprise competitive pressures, but also is beneficial to the refinement of production, improve product reputation and LED display industry added value. Technological innovation to promote the product ratio of ascension in the competition and profits under the two mountains, the LED screen manufacturers want to seek a way out, innovation is the fundamental solution. Especially small spacing innovation momentum very rapidly in recent years, many manufacturers are also stepping up research pace, from upstream to downstream, the LED display industry chain are serious in technical innovation of the manufacturer. At the same time, as the industry's emphasis on intellectual property rights, product patent degree deepens, the panel companies in the footsteps of patent layout also further speed up, more and more display manufacturers began to use legal means to defend their intellectual achievements. In recent years, the LED display technology innovation continually upgrade, products with small spacing, for example. Space narrowing, stable technology constantly, Micro, Mini LED LED technology development gradually, indoor and outdoor small space go hand in hand. At the same time as the packaging technology continues to progress, COB package small spacing, and other technology is gradually mature and applied, as the further release of market demand, small spacing is limited in the future. LED display channels
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