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LED the market growth is slowing as companies such as honest science and technology, how to seek new growth point?

by:Atop     2020-09-02
In September, LED the traditional season of the industry, the market also continued to rise. Due to the upstream raw materials procurement costs continue to rise, LED display companies have also recently issued a price increase notice. Recently, quiet a lot of days LED upstream raw material market goes back, including ohm power electronics, built deep group, PCB ( Printed circuit board) Increase in the price of companies have issued notice, amplitude are more than 10%. And since this year, electronic components, including resistance capacitance has been successively increases, which makes most of the LED enterprises face more severe situation. Li Zhaohua, was the director of the shenzhen LED integrated circuit design company, he told reporters that the upstream components cost rise in price bring them pressure. Ming microelectronics co. , LTD. , general manager of shenzhen Li Zhaohua: with the LED industry, in particular, is the development process of passive components, mainly by foreign firms, causing prices to rise, including also out of stock, and surrounding raw material rise, about rose to more than 80% of the level. Liu ping, is an enterprise of LED guangdong's technical director, he told reporters that in the past two years has not only LED the core components, LED around the price of raw materials is rising. Since 2016, the standards of printed circuit board copper foil price rise has been more than 50%, in addition to other surrounding also have varying degrees of raw material prices. Honest technology co. , LTD. Technical director liu ping: now some of the raw materials, such as electroplating, cartons, plastic the bigger a growth point. Reporter: gains probably how many? Honest technology co. , LTD. Technical director liu ping: to rise about 10% to about 15%. Due to rising costs, downstream of the LED display companies are sending the notice of price increases. Recently, leah DE pricing notice that caused by upstream of the rising cost of raw materials procurement costs rise, from now on for all indoor and outdoor series products of the company on the basis of the existing price for price adjustment. Then fujian sea jia CAI light electric company also released product pricing notification. Lighting industry association secretary general of the district, zhongshan city, guangdong province, into a: because the display screen, it's on the circuit board this aspect of the raw materials account for about 40% of the cost, so their response is more intense, on the rise, the higher cost of proportional response is more intense. The personage inside course of study says, there are only some companies raised their prices, as the market competition is intense, most of the enterprises is still in wait-and-see, if further upstream raw material prices boom, the bottom line, hit the production and operation of an enterprise LED products prices will appear in bulk. Huayi lighting lighting co. , LTD. , chairman of the zone, zhongshan city, guangdong province bean: normal years, August is the season to a year, is the most prosperous period of August to the end of the year. But this year has absorbed a lot of pressure, especially these two years, a property of a compression, the second international situation, so the impact on our industry is very big. Cost high stack high inventories LED companies to survive in the upstream raw material prices rising background, LED enterprises is how to digest the pressure of the rising cost of? Industry will experience how to adjust? Zhi-wei ma is a head of a big LED lighting companies, he told reporters, in addition to the material price, the entire industry's labor costs have jumped in recent years, they through improved production lines, the introduction of industrial robot and a huge variety of automatic and semi-automatic equipment, reducing the dependence on artificial. Opple co. , LTD. , vice President of zhi-wei ma: we in this room today, originally want to eight hundred such a workshop, we now control in hundred people, the whole process of innovation, automation, intelligent manufacturing innovation, to go to, from cost to bring better, at the same time the quality more stable. The reporter understands, at present, most of the LED companies are from the raw materials, optimize the product structure to save products at the same time, simplify the production process, reduce the manpower cost, to dissolve the prices brought about by the pressure. Excess production capacity, high inventory is also plagued the disadvantageous factors of the LED industry. Some LED manufacturing enterprises begin to change the original idea, manufacturing-according-to-sale, reduce the pressure of the inventory.
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