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LED screen business performance growth small spacing LED is very popular in the current market

by:Atop     2020-08-05
2018 frequent outbreak of new trends of LED display technology, in the year of the COB LED, Mini LED to years of Micro, etc. , highly motivated by the screen industry enterprise innovation motivation, on the whole, however, these new technologies all have one thing in common - — Both COB packaging innovation and Mini LED lattice technology innovation can almost all around the small distance between the LED application to advance. The screen in the industry are more openly: small spacing is still popular in the current market. Recently, leah DE group chairman li and board secretary personnel in memory to receive investors had adequate communication with investors, also has publicly noted: during 140-2018, p. a. performance throughout the year plan 15 billion, is currently in line with expectations, accounting for 40% of the annual plan, and the small spacing in the second quarter quarterly growth of 30% year-on-year. Chau Ming technology at the same time in the interactive platform also said recently, rapid growth in the second quarter of the company, including small spacing shipments and sequential rise. The small spacing market is still very obvious advantages. Previously, some in the industry believe that 'small spacing LED, there is a huge expectations for poor plate market worried about industry close to the ceiling, growth will slow sharply'. But now look from the aspects of open market and technological innovation: small spacing industry is still very good. The boom of commercial market simmering, small spacing continued upward as is known to all, the commercial market is bigger than professional display market. Have data to show that the current with small spacing between technological progress and cost reduction, as well as the aspects of market demand development, small spacing of the commercial market is beginning to explosion, the future market potential is tremendous. Relevant institutions small spacing is expected to market over the next three years is expected to remain high growth, more than 50% of the domestic related industry chain manufacturers will benefit from the depth. Policy, on the other hand, drive also broke out in the small spacing, accelerate the market. Especially the night, with the rapid development of economy, culture industry and brings new opportunities for small spacing applications. 2017 small spacing global market size of about 6 billion yuan, after calculation, the commercial market niche, movie screen in the future market space, 3 billion yuan a year. Screens are active layout technology innovation, leading the development trend of small spacing for a long time, the industry of small spacing LED technology and products are constantly improve, innovation, especially in 2018, the development of the industry COB encapsulation, let the COB small spacing as leaders in the field of hd display, also of great help to promote the products of LED industry upgrading. Data show that in 2017 alone, COB growth of more than 200%, small spacing is the small distance between the LED market nearly four times the growth. But the Mini LED technology is the advent of the small spacing technology development to a peak, 2018 Mini LED technology is adopted in the industry of COB LED products small spacing is called 'the third generation of small spacing LED' product. Not only that, the current Chinese LED display from chips, packaging the entire industrial chain upstream and downstream enterprises, supporting facilities, and application of each link to innovate, small spacing, the key areas of industrial chain enterprise innovation has developed the related technology and gradually put into production in 2018. Small spacing of market 'cake', of course, is sweet, but the market barriers is higher also. Especially with ever increasing demand for screen enterprise brand terminal market, the future leading screen companies could gradually small spacing market monopoly part, and in the present, small and medium-sized screen enterprise breakthrough niche is the perfect direction. This article from: China LED net LED display channels
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