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LED luminescent material

LED luminescent material


The LED illuminating materials applied to the display screen have the following forms: 

(1) The LED illuminating lamp (or single lamp) is generally composed of a single LED chip, a reflective cup, a metal anode, a metal cathode, and has an outer light-emitting concentrating capability. Epoxy resin case. One or more (different color) single lamps can be used to form a basic pixel, which is mostly used for outdoor displays due to high brightness. 

(2) The LED dot matrix module is composed of a plurality of wafers to form a light-emitting matrix, and is encapsulated in a plastic case with epoxy resin. It is suitable for row and column scanning drive, and it is easy to form a high-density display screen, which is mostly used in indoor display.

(3) SMD type LED illuminating lamp (or SMD LED) is the package of LED illuminating lamp. It can be used in indoor full color display, which can realize single point maintenance and effectively overcome the mosaic phenomenon.

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