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LED industry "core competence" is the name of the game

by:Atop     2020-06-10
LED way out in where? Forefront of technological innovation; LED small and medium-sized enterprises encounter multiple levels, "core competence" is a king in hand; Third plenary session or for LED convoy of intellectual property rights, but you can't eat hot bean curd; Put light shining all communists LED LED big future technological breakthrough yong should, thinking alone, different colour combinations can reflect different artistic conception. Light is alive, need through constant innovation to burst. With the breakthrough of LED technology, LED thought penetration in many different areas, the vitality of the LED on different products, and it put light, shining. As producers of leds, should be glad to enter the industry, but happy and delighted, more should calm down the heart to study, explore the LED innovations. History of listed companies, we will find that no matter what the enterprise of the industry, no innovation, no vitality, I do not do not strong also especially for emerging industries. At present, the state vigorously support the development of LED industry, all kinds of subsidies, but this does not mean that the LED enterprises can lie on the bed in secure. On the one hand, enterprises should understand that the government's subsidies is limited, there will come to an end, wait until no subsidies to want to development, it is too late, so it should be with the help of subsidized dongfeng to seek a breakthrough. On the other hand, the enterprise should straighten out ideas, grasp the development trend of LED, LED's future must be a niche market, product a lot not only easy to cause capital chain rupture, and will lose characteristic, loss of customers. In addition, the LED enterprises should know more, seize the industry of advanced technology, to master the initiative development, make good use of the LED. Technical breakthrough is the driving force of industrial development, who owns the advanced technology, who will have a say, who will have the future. LED a small business "triple door" unable to escape the frequency run multiple tests, the "core competence" is a king of han "triple door" let's "triple door" to the school have their own understanding, but in all walks of life has its own "triple door". As the LED lighting industry "triple door" is weak, non-standard, low price in the market; Enterprises lack scale and core technology, management system is not standard, production capacity can't keep up with; Unable to guarantee product quality, lack of test conditions, return, unable to guarantee after-sales service, the poor quality issues. To sum up the quality of products, technology does not pass; Enterprise itself system specification; And mixed lighting market on three aspects. At present, the three doors is a serious impediment to the development of the industry, and even some companies have pushed the dead end, unable to move on. Companies can place under attack inside and out, the key lies in the core competitiveness, it is the enterprise gain long-term competitive advantage of unique ability, is the fundamental guarantee of development. But this is what the vast majority of domestic enterprises, or by price war, blindly follow suit, shoddy, a lot of enterprise's profit model, maybe can to date, this method for enterprise to bring the short term, but, for a long time so disadvantages appeared gradually, will eventually bring boundless future trouble for the enterprise. And enhance core competitiveness, innovation is particularly important, it is the good way to help enterprises to break, it is also the important guarantee for the survival. Technology innovation, management innovation, system innovation and can become the key to open the door, make the enterprise gain lasting competitive advantage. Led is technology innovation, which includes the creation of the product, design, production, use and spread in each procedure, technology promotion; Management innovation can let companies have fast strain capacity; And the system innovation is backing and guarantee the technical innovation and management innovation. Anyway, enhance core competitiveness, brand route, is the successful break kingly way. Third plenary session of continuous power for the LED intellectual property plus umbrella "umbrella" or "decision" cannot be achieved overnight third plenary session of the 13th article said to deepen the reform of science and technology system use and protection of intellectual property rights to strengthen, improve the technological innovation incentive mechanism. This is the official documents written expression with Chinese characteristics, Jane, but meaningful. And the LED industry for the interpretation of the "decision" which will be conducive to the protection of intellectual property rights in the field of LED, promote the healthy development of the industry. Actually countries from 2003 began to put forward to intellectual property rights, the third plenary session of the key is the emphasis on intellectual property issues. But we also need to know, general from the decision not to implement a specific timetable, not specific because "decision" is often belong to the top-level design, after spreading be specific to each industry, is a long time, and in this process is likely to experience some of the rocks, cause need to be extended to implement real time. Guangzhou at half past ten in the evening after the forbidden billboard in perspective LED outdoor advertising LED to avoid shuffling pain recently, guangzhou has the light limit, "method" is proposed, in 30 minutes after 10 PM in guangzhou bright LED advertising bans. According to the survey, now in guangzhou city outdoor LED electronic display many, because of the brightness, become a light pollution, affect the surrounding residents to rest, and even influence the road safety. Is passed, the long-term residents who large LED display light pollution, is very happy, great guarantee for night of sleep quality and traffic safety. Way is ok, then, the author thinks that, the outdoor advertising as affects the city image of indecent thing concept is deeply ingrained. How to make outdoor advertising and the whole city planning, how to from the perspective of residents and the user, better use of advertising, is also very important. At present, the outdoor advertising has penetrated into every corner of the city, outdoor billboard is a window displaying the image of the city, to strengthen the setup of the outdoor advertising management is imminent. Opinion is very important, and the implementation of the late, has been criticized by citizens, temporary check also have little effect. On the guarantee of outdoor advertising management, how can we really in the interests of the people, starting from the urban planning improvement, and can safeguard the vital interests of the merchants. AD setup is harm to a certain extent, but on the other hand, also busy people's life, improve the attention of the business circle. Set up properly, has become the city a beautiful scenery line. Admittedly, regards as the outdoor advertising affects the city image of indecent thing in the world of ideas or entrenched, it is really trough point.
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