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LED encapsulation powers - — 80% of the world LED device packaging in China

by:Atop     2020-09-03
China is LED encapsulation powers, it is estimated that the number of the world's 80 LED device packaging concentrated in China, distribution in the us, Taiwan, Hong Kong, domestic packaging enterprises. LED packaging enterprises in China's market share is higher, in the field of high-end LED device packaging, some Chinese enterprises have larger breakthrough. As the technology matures and the accumulation of brand credibility, LED packaging enterprises in China will be in China, the important and dominant role in the LED application giants. Below from the LED packaging industry chain of each link to illustrate these differences, interested friends can with this small make up take a look at! 1. LED chip differences which LED chip companies in mainland China about ten or so, started late, the scale is not big enough, the biggest LED chip companies annual production about RMB 3, the average annual output value in 1 to 2 $each. LED encapsulation device in 50 depends on the performance of the LED chips, LED chips, the core indicators including brightness, wavelength, failure rate, antistatic ability, decay, and so on. LED packaging companies to the current domestic small and medium size chips most choose domestic brands, the chip performance of domestic brands and foreign brands of a smaller gap has good cost performance, can meet the needs of the vast majority of the LED application enterprise. Especially the part of the performance of the chip brand has with foreign brands, by encapsulating technology, has been able to meet the needs of many high-end applications. 2. Production and testing equipment difference LED main packaging production equipment including solid crystal machine, rubber wire welding machine, sealing machine, testing machine, glue machine, smart oven, etc. Five years ago, LED automatic encapsulation equipment basic is foreign brands in the world, mainly from Europe and Taiwan, China, only a small amount of semi automatic solid crystal, wire equipment supplies. In the past five years, China's LED production equipment manufacturing industry has made considerable development, is now automatic solid crystal machine, automatic sealing glue machine, testing machine, automatic dispensing machine, smart oven and so on all have manufacturers supply, has a good cost performance. LED packaging enterprises in China at present, should be in the front row in the size of the LED packaging enterprise which owns one of the world's most advanced packaging equipment, this is the advantage of backwardness. In terms of hardware level, China LED packaging enterprises above designated size is the most advanced in the world. Of course, some higher level of remains to be further equipped with test and analysis equipment. 3. LED packaging design packaging design differences include structure design, thermal design, optical design, material matching design, parameter design, etc. China LED packaging design is set up in foreign countries and Taiwan has been designed on the basis of improvement and innovation. Rely on good computer design tools, design good test equipment and good reliability test equipment, more understanding based on advanced design ideas and products. Current level of LED packaging design of China still has certain gap with foreign giants, it also related to China's LED industry lack of size leading enterprises, the lack of organized, planned to the research and development of the scale of investment. 4. Auxiliary material difference packaging auxiliary materials including stent, golden thread, epoxy resin, silicone, mould, etc. Auxiliary material is LED devices is an important foundation of comprehensive performance failure rate of the stand or fall of auxiliary materials may decide the LED devices, attenuation, optical properties, energy consumption, etc. At present, the packaging auxiliary material supply chain in mainland China has more perfect, most of the material has been able to produce in mainland China. As the global integration, China LED packaging companies have been able to apply to the latest and best packaging auxiliary materials in the world. 5. Encapsulation process difference LED encapsulation process is also a very important link. As China LED packaging companies in recent years, with the rapid development of LED encapsulation process has risen to a better level, especially some high-end requirements such as a large LED display, wide color gamut, LCD back light, such as excellent packaging enterprises have LED China to meet their needs, advanced packaging technology to produce the LED is close to the international similar products level. LED encapsulation as China become the world's superpower, China LED packaging technology in the rapid development and progress, the gap between the world's leading packaging technology and the narrowing, and local products. We need to increase r&d spending in the LED packaging technology research field, we should pay attention to both enterprises and government. In fact, we Chinese LED packaging technology gap with foreign gap mainly in r&d. As the growth of the Chinese national strength, we believe that China will become the LED encapsulation powers. China LED net
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