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LED encapsulation device output growth recovery! Small spacing LED display market meet broke out again?

by:Atop     2020-09-02
In 2017, LED industry continues to improve, the continuation of price fluctuations in 2016, top-down LED industry have been of great market growth space. Busy, to stabilize the whole LED industry development, the positive situation. LED encapsulation recovery market and price is the main face LED packaging companies efficient revenue in 2017, we have to go to find, a profit in the large data, what drives the LED packaging companies to outperform the reason for that? , according to the current global LED packaging production value $15. 3 billion, growth rebounded to 5%, and gradually become the global LED encapsulation device manufacturing center in China, the share of output in the next three to five years there will be a bigger improvement. Has been packaged LED market is expected to keep moderate growth in the coming years, could rise to $18. 5 billion by 2021, 2016 ~ 2021 period of compound annual growth rate will reach 3. 4%. Data is the most intuitive performance, market growth from 2016 to 2017, LED packaging enterprise development momentum high all the way, believe that the performance of the first quarter of 2017 will be renewed corporate revenue. For a long time, the market demand is the main factor leading enterprise development, the market demand at the same time also will fluctuate with some factors, such as 2016 to present, boom to the LED market and enterprise layout has a significant influence, caused a lot of turmoil. Back in 2016, several rounds of price of the LED chip, packaging, lighting, photoelectric chip 2017 leading three Ann, encapsulation leading wood started Tomlinson price increases the starting gun, highlight the LED industry pattern of supply and demand determine improvement, price also therefore become the main reason of promoting LED packaging market demand. In addition, in the middle and lower reaches of LED industry is closely linked, since the LED chip and LED package after the enterprise market increase, LED encapsulation also present a new pattern of downstream demand, LED display and LED lighting demand accounted for more than two-thirds of the downstream application, LED the whole industry chain inescapably, influence each other, promote each other. Small spacing LED display drive LED overall demand from market demand LED small spacing, small spacing LED display market growth is more than 50% in 2017, the overall supply and demand two prosperous continuously. The huge expansion of the LED display screen market small spacing, LED the overall demand LED packaging products increased along with the market demand, a certain extent, animating the whole LED encapsulation. At present, with the steady development of LED industry and LED packaging industry's recovery, the downstream LED display enterprise also outbreak in growth period, and the appearance of small spacing LED display has a huge impact on the whole industry. Specifically, small spacing LED display market mature upstream LED chip companies not only promote constantly implementation technology upgrading, promote middle income of expansion has LED packaging companies, has promoted many main small spacing LED display products to success. LED display giant enterprises such as small spacing, leah, last year, leah DE is LED small spacing orders alone, 18 was realized. 200 million yuan, up 57% compared with the same period, the small distance between revenue is very considerable. With small spacing LED into the outbreak in expanding its application field, not only to high-end precision display stage, the future can even outdoors and family application market. In LED packaging companies, meanwhile, the continuous expansion of income, the upstream and middle reaches the situation positive, LED LED display industry downstream market will be in a stable industry small spacing pattern gradually towards the peak, usher in a better environment for development. This article from: automobil LED China LED net net
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