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LED electronic screen manufacturers should do well to 'quality development' in the industry more walk more far

by:Atop     2020-09-03
19 after the big 'quality development' has become a high-frequency words from all walks of life. Our country's economy has been developed from high quality development stage of rapid growth stage. Promote the development of high quality is a period determined in the present and the future development, the basic requirement of economic policy, the implementation of macro-control. As an important part of our country's science and technology innovation system and regional innovation highlands, national high-tech zone has the responsibility to also has the ability to become an important support, the development of the national high quality become the strategic power of leading high quality development. The same is true in the led display industry. Especially, with the speeding up of the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading of the upstream and downstream industry chain optimization need to be increasingly urgent, products, technology, service and so on all aspects of 'quality development' to be the development strategy of the industry first. Companies with the industry development, the current industry screen product line, the production and so on various aspects are improved, from the exhibition can be seen in many screen enterprise product basic covers from conventional products to small spacing, transparent screen, special-shaped screen whole category of products. Market development strategy of enterprises is not only the current screen is diverse, most screen companies are leasing, landscaping, sports channels, such as multiple legs to walk. This situation thanks to screen in recent years the industry enterprises in the scientific layout of different niche, is advantageous to the screen enterprises expand the market prices also scattered across the screens of the resources. And can't be screen 'quality development' enterprise of products, technologies, solutions, and overall optimization market development strategy, can only be 'to the point with surface', focus on screen companies first fist products, technologies, and the main market for high quality optimization, better in the terminal market to create a strong corporate image, the profound mastery of 'the law of the niche nature', is the next screen at the core of the enterprise fast to achieve high quality growth. LED display on the encapsulation technology, space technology unceasing enhancement, the future of technological innovation in 'hard diminishing marginal cost is higher and higher, the economic benefits will be'. Any one product and industry will face in the morning and evening technology ceiling effect. Is close to the LED display industry technology, product innovation 'ceiling', there are still a distance Micro LED Mini LED, small spacing technology innovation efforts are also falling, some in the industry of the screen, have begun to move in the direction of innovation in technology, product and application, market and so on. Can definitely say that the future 'creative application' will be the trend of industry competition is one of the main. In addition with the environment to the enterprise product patent, intellectual products, services, such as soft power demand is higher and higher, as well as the intellectual property rights and so on the important role in the future international competition. With the sense of the 'future' industry screen companies began early planning, even now some screen industry enterprise to seize 'sharing' concept of operation level LED screen sharing, are companies such as a master of the future trend. Although not sure you will be successful, but as long as you try, there is hope. New era, new goals, new mission, focus of national high-tech zone, after wind and rain created a proud and proud today, believe that in this great new era of national high-tech zone will come rain or shine, go forward, will be able to in the innovation and development to the brilliant future. Creative application level, intellectual property strategy and operation of LED sharing economy, business and screen more innovation and development of enterprises, the companies are screen 'quality development' for the future of a layout. LED display industry should do more 'quality development' can be in an impregnable position in the industry, let China LED display industry in the world is not only a large size, and strength! Shenzhen wei technology development co. , LTD
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