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LED electronic display color reduction treatment

by:Atop     2020-03-20

Pure blue, pure green LED to the birth of, make the full color LED electronic display, with its wide color gamut range, high brightness, sought after by industry. However, because of red, green and blue leds chromaticity coordinates and PAL TV chromaticity coordinates of red, green and blue have larger deviation ( See table 1) , LED full color color reduction degree is poorer. Especially in the performance of color of skin, there was significant deviation on the vision. As a result, color reproduction processing technology arises at the historic moment. Here I recommend two kinds of color reduction treatment methods: one: red, green, blue three colors LED color space coordinate transform, the LED sanki colored coordinates between PAL TV and as near as possible, so as to greatly improve the color reproduction of LED electronic display screen. However, this method greatly reduces the color gamut range of LED electronic display screen, make the picture color saturation has fallen dramatically. Second: only the color gamut of human eye is more sensitive for appropriate correction. For other color gamut of the human eye is not sensitive to as little as possible to reduce the original color saturation. Such processing, can get a balance between color reduction degree and color saturation.                                

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