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LED display works

LED display works


The LED display usually consists of a main controller, a scanning board, a display control unit and an LED display body. The main controller acquires the brightness data of each pixel of a screen from the computer display card, and then distributes it to several scanning boards, each scanning. The board is responsible for controlling several rows (columns) on the LED display, and the LED display signals on each row (column) are serially transmitted through each display control unit of the line, and each display control unit directly faces the LED. Display body. The main controller's work is to convert the computer display into a data format and control signal format required for the LED display. The effect of the display control unit is similar to that of the image display, and is generally composed of a shift register latch with gray level control. Just the size of video LED displays tends to be larger, so integrated integrated circuits should be used. The function of the scanning board is the so-called up and down. On the one hand, it accepts the video signal of the main controller, on the other hand, it transmits the data belonging to this level to its own display control unit, and at the same time, the data not belonging to this level is also downward. A cascade of scan switches is transmitted. Video signals and LED display data, in terms of space, time, order and other aspects, need to have a scanning board to coordinate.

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