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LED display unit fault maintenance

by:Atop     2020-06-20
Process - Diagnostic process: 1, determine the display screen is synchronous display or asynchronous display; Synchronous display screen display depend on the display Settings, asynchronous display does not rely on display Settings; 2, determine the display screen is local display or the whole screen have problems; Local display is not normal communication problems could be eliminated, can generally be sure is to display hardware fails, the whole screen display abnormal may produce various reasons: for synchronous display, you should identify the monitor set up whether to change, communication is normal, send is normal, and then is receiving is normal; For asynchronous display, should first confirm the parameters of the screen: hardware IP address, width, height, and whether there is a change, if these parameters correctly, to test whether or not the communication normal, finally to determine whether display control normal display unit panel interface: screen is composed of a piece of a display unit of the board, the signal through the flat cable transmission. Unit board interface description: N = ( 接地) L = latches ( LAT or ST) S = clock ( Clk) O = enabled ( OE) E = enabled ( / OE) R = red data ABCD = G = U = blue green data data line signal H = after decoding the signal F = = dangling V VCC) Transformation in order to save the customer's investment, we can offer customers have LED display modification, update, and other services. The same display unit panel interface many manufacturers display unit panel interface is not very standard, if the customer interface display unit panel interface and described above are the same, we can upgrade the system, such as text screen video, low gray screen, high grayscale video, this method is low cost, quick effect. Display unit panel interface if customer interface and display unit board listed above the standard interface of arrangement is not exactly the same, but the amount and type of the same signal, this kind of display screen can also upgrade, cost is slightly higher than the first kind of circumstance. Completely different display unit panel interface customer original display unit panel interface and above are not identical, this case modification cost is larger. Besides keeping part LED module and IC, other such as PCB, issue, etc. , all want to change, the cost is higher.
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