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LED display technology is applied to the three characteristics in the field of intelligent transportation

by:Atop     2020-06-22
It is generally believed that intelligent transportation system refers to the road traffic infrastructure, urban public transport and road transport system is built on the integration of information collection and processing, integration and exchange, analysis and control, finally aimed at the release of the information integration, can realize the intelligent management of transportation systems. Improve the efficiency of traffic management, transport and traffic safety service level should be the application of intelligent transportation system construction goal, and to achieve the goal of this process, to a certain extent can promote traditional transportation industry to modern transportation service industry. In the application of LED display technology, public road traffic information display is one of the important application field. In public traffic induced ways to disseminate information, common in daily life according to release information means has road traffic-induced screen, urban traffic induction of display screen, parking guidance and road signs such as variable information. These different ways of induced traffic information release, according to the requirement of traffic management and the actual situation of road traffic information in real time display. Intelligent transportation system is actually a kind of road traffic information communication system, its generation and development is based on system integration, electronics, communications, information services and other new technology, has been penetration and applied to aviation, water transport, rail transport, urban traffic induction, highways, subways, new traffic system in the field of rail transit. The construction of the intelligent transportation system can not only improve the level of road network capacity and road traffic information service, and in the field of environmental protection, to reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency, etc have broad application prospects. In the process of intelligent transportation system construction, the construction and application of intelligent traffic information service system is the main content of the field of intelligent transportation development, design and build public advanced traffic information service system, is should be and development trend of intelligent transportation system. For different types of transportation or different transportation, intelligent transportation system to provide the intelligent transportation information service will be focused and different. Intelligent traffic information service system has a number of different application areas, including not only the highway applications of variable information board, variable speed limit signs, traffic information service system, etc. , as well as the urban traffic applications of traffic guidance system, traffic management information integrated service system, road traffic information release system, etc. In the field of intelligent transportation applications, or city road of real-time traffic information release is the major form of intelligent traffic information service, which is through a variety of information display device displays real-time traffic information release, most is a general and common display device, the display device can include LED display, LCD, DLP display screen, etc. With the continuous development of embedded technology, intelligent transportation information display system has developed into a functional scalable integration system, multimedia technology, network connection. Due to the constant development and progress of the LED display technology, the LED display equipment products in the field of intelligent transportation information display to get a very wide range of applications, has become the mainstream of modern traffic information display display mode. In the field of intelligent transportation information display, the corresponding traffic information display device products can be according to the requirement of the road traffic management and traffic induced information real-time display the current actual road traffic information release, including LED display equipment products in the actual engineering application scenario has the following characteristics: ( 1) LED display with high brightness and rational perspective. Road traffic induced information release is mainly for road traffic participants, general situation for the vehicle, so to display products from the point of view of the request is not high. Due to considering the in direct sunlight display positive cases, the display of the product content should keep a certain clear visibility, therefore show that the product has high brightness. ( 2) LED display products can work non-stop, adapt to different environmental conditions. Due to the induced traffic information LED display workplaces are generally outdoor conditions, related to the external environment is complicated and changeful, consideration should be given to the work place the highest environmentally benign most low temperature, rainfall, humidity, air quality and environmental requirements of extreme weather, etc, to ensure the information of traffic to a great extent shows that the stability and reliability. ( 3) LED display can be realized remote monitor and control, intelligent detection. Due to the use of the actual scene demand to release the installation position of LED display of traffic information are usually distributed within the scope of the larger area, in this scenario, usually need to traffic control center to implement optimum process monitoring field single LED display products. With the method of remote control of LED display for daily maintenance and environment detection will be more convenient, but also save resources.
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