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LED display screen to creative the world becomes more beautiful

by:Atop     2020-09-03
After 30 years of development, China's LED display industry has been initially formed including the epitaxial wafer production, chip preparation and packaging, as well as LED application products, a relatively complete industrial chain. And, as in the field of LED display in the daily visibility is higher and higher, LED display market into the mainstream of era is coming. Predicts at that time, the LED into the homes of market conditions, such as macro policy, industry standards and industry chain maturity, business model, the scale of production, performance index and so on all aspects of objective factors will also gradually improve. Will also be followed by, the LED industry will experience a huge shake-up in the big movement, market restructuring and other industries. From the wisdom of the city gradually arisen, it seems we can perceive the future progress and development of the city, will be intelligent, modern, streamlined, and the development of the Internet + model. Wisdom city of the rapid development of urban growing perception. And urban awareness requires multidimensional data, high precision, high density, the correlation between, the high level of integration. By way of perception, cities may become smarter, and LED display manufacturers are more need from multiple dimensions to further explore and application. LED display screen, creativity is the perfect embodiment of its depth detection. Seems to be in this field, only the depth they reach your mind could not they reached the breadth of the clever tentacles. Stage design field is LED display play a main position sense exploded at present, LED display screen industry creative tide sweeps across the whole world already, and with a variety of theatrical performances, business and entertainment areas, for dynamic stage effect of ultimate pursuit, creative display also has become a hotspot in the field of large screen display and screen enterprises focus of competition. In addition, LED display screen to the prospect of creative stage acting on the wings of implement infinite originality, makes the scene builds a variety of colorful, beautiful visual experience. The booming of this field, it seems, is the LED display industry and urban development to the development of era, the most cohesive ties. Whether what is the new breakthrough on modelling, or what were the disruptive technology promotion, is a LED display 'uneasy with the status quo of' innovation and change. We seem to be able to in recent years, in the era of hot words and popular elements, can be found on the LED display screen. LED rental screen stage is with the aid of the joining together of LED display, tear open outfit, has long been known as the LED display 'model worker', LED stage rental screen module characteristic is easy to tear open outfit, and can be combined into various types of display mode. And customization demand is higher, often on the stage, the party and other background display the other effects of matching stage presents the shock of seeing and hearing sense to the person. Because of the shape as the current stage atmosphere of the powerful equipment, culture, entertainment, sports industry rapid development. Rental screen by the rapid development of the market in recent years, but the market performance is chaos, lack of product quality. More unfortunately, 2016, there appeared a number of LED stage rental screen collapse, it's inevitable exposed the disadvantages of the rental market. But in general, affected by the style entertainment industry drive, LED stage rental screen in the future market development will shine, and with small spacing LED display continuously extends, the future more upscale LED rental screen will be able to meet the higher and more perfect stage atmosphere rendering. LED screen appearance level for glass curtain wall leading to the new image of the outdoor media market in recent years, cities large rectify various eyesores, intended to regulate the new image of outdoor media market, to create new districts make unremitting efforts. For the transmission of the outdoor media carrier, glass curtain wall has been widely the outdoor LED display in the field of attention. The rise of this field, for the LED display is a big development opportunity, the future is also a big good news. As outdoor media market boom, however, LED display screen, glass curtain wall as the LED display packaging technology increase year by year, and LED display space technology constantly breakthroughs, the LED display has been more and more frequently appear in our field of vision. More it is worth mentioning that the LED glass curtain wall with its high brightness, wide Angle, the screen area of the adjustable characteristics, has gradually replaced the traditional fixed billboards, present a single advertising light boxes, etc, has become a high-profile new outdoor advertising media.
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