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[LED display repair] LED display repair method LED display common troubleshooting

[LED display repair] LED display repair method LED display common troubleshooting


Symptom 1: A unit board is not lit

The cause of the failure: 1, no +5v; 2, the data line is bad

Fault analysis and processing: 1, the power supply is bad, replace the power supply;

1, replace the data line

Symptom 2: The whole screen is not bright

cause of issue:

1, the main controller does not have +5v;

2. The entire screen of AC power is not available;

3, the computer settings are wrong

Fault analysis processing:

1. The power supply is broken and the power supply is replaced.

2. Check the power supply circuit;

3. Reset it.

Symptom 3: A unit is red (or green)

 cause of issue: 

1. There is a problem with the data line connecting this unit;

2. There is a problem with the corresponding distribution board;

3, a fast unit board failure

Fault analysis processing:

1. Re-insert the data line and pay attention to the direction;

2, change a data line;

3. Replace the distribution plate;

4, the root exchange unit board

Symptom 4: Communication is not normal

cause of issue:

1. Is the software set correctly?

2. Whether the communication line is connected;

3, there is a problem with MAX323

Fault analysis processing:

1. Restart the computer and switch the display back on.

2. Re-set it.

3. Measure with a digital meter.

4. Replace this MAX232.

Fault phenomenon 5: The whole screen is separated by a few lines in the horizontal direction, and the lines are not bright.

 The cause of the failure: the network cable is not plugged in well.

Fault analysis and processing: plug the network cable

Symptom 6: Large screen display is normal, computer black screen

Cause: The computer settings are incorrect.

Fault analysis processing: reset

Symptom 7: The first few screens are normal, and the last few screens are abnormal.

 cause of issue:

1. The capacity of the screen is limited, and the information sent is too much;

2, 2, the storage device is not erased

Fault analysis processing:

1. Resend, minus some unnecessary information;

2, resend

Symptom 8: Information is right, but the font is missing strokes

 Cause: The size of the information and the size of the screen are inconsistent.

 Fault analysis processing: Re-do information, the size should be set to match the size of the screen.

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