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LED display manufacturers how to deal with the consumer relegated to watch?

by:Atop     2020-08-16
LED display news channel on September 12, last year the consumption upgrade or a keyword, market situation of China in 2018, however, plummet, Chinese consumption relegation calls to break out. 'As some economic expert says China's economy is L the new normal, transformation and upgrading of China manufacturing industry is facing crisis, more hair, excess capacity and other issues. 。 。 。 。 。 In the discussion of ', in the current Chinese economy, the consumption upgrade or downgrade the debate is very fierce. For the LED display industry many enterprises of small and medium-sized screen, the whole manufacturing industry of the transformation and upgrading in recent years, especially since this year, appeared a lot of confusion, look not to understand the change of the external market economy, business and market, not to see also don't know what to do next? Which means useful, which method is effective. In fact, both leading display manufacturers and small screen, as long as clear - — Downgrade, both consumer upgrades, and consumption in the face of this round in the changeable market, consumer demand for all LED display manufacturers, the only need to do is to study the market truly and users, to meet consumer demand under the multipolar differentiation of product strategy and the transformation of the management, to actively respond to the vagaries of the market demand changes. LED display manufacturers how to cope with this round of demand first, multipolar differentiation from screen industry in recent years, the overall situation of enterprises, in under the big pattern of LED display industry, more and more excellent screen companies begin to set up their own enterprise supply chain 'ecology', 'circulation', they tend to be based on their ability to compete and advantages, in the LED display industry outside the avenue of the establishment of more small runway, such as 'lease', 'sport', 'landscape lighting' and so on. From this perspective, for many LED display manufacturers, in the end demand and changeable market environment, only the steadfast do their products, technology, and marketing, terminal sales, to better steady going all the way. Second, no matter how much external business and market environment of complex and changeable, the industry now many enterprises are 'cold winter' period came from as early as two years industry, mostly already has a sound enterprise 'roots', especially through the test of several industry prices, shortage of tide, the industry screen companies against risks and winter ability are enhanced greatly. Therefore, the more face adjustment more differentiation can calmly to find their own market competition advantage. From this point, in the end demand and changeable market environment, will return to the industry competition LED companies more origin, insist on two legs, one is benefit to the product, the product is the origin of all business competition; 2 it is to the market to grow; In the end, stick to drive efficiency, quality, technology, and form a stepwise differentiation competition system; Further open in the current policy, LED display industry upgrading accelerate, products, technology optimization, accelerating the market under the general trend of market consumption upgrade or downgrade for LED display industry, the main direction of the market growth and sustainable development has not changed, especially a large number of LED display products and technologies have embarked on a turning point of 'upgrading', industry of high quality, new technology, new products emerge in endlessly, many LED display manufacturers have very good change with the market demand for new market growth, in general, whether consumption upgrade or downgrade, under the current industry trends, it is to deal with many vendors can self and cracking problems. LED display channels
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