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LED display is low carbon energy saving for the future development of a way out

by:Atop     2020-06-19
With the continuous development of city construction process, outdoor LED display for the new media advertising carrier get used more and more. Outdoor LED display can really bring certain ascend to the city's image, advertising forms are flexible. However, outdoor LED display in use process, there are some need to improve: one, the structure design of the outdoor LED display general area is larger, so is very heavy. Installed in the outdoor LED display, home page need to be aware of is the design of the structure. The installation structure should be considered: the main factors such as wind, seismic, carrying; Followed by the screen body shape, structure, exterior decoration design should be coordinated and attached building or environment; Moreover, it is considered a local environmental factors, such as air humidity, air (saline content Coastal city) And so on. Second, the light pollution in recent years, with the popularity of LED display, has raised the concept of "light pollution". So what LED display is not "light pollution"? According to the current international definition of light pollution, usually divided into three categories: white pollution, artificial daytime and visual pollution. But at present our country only has rules to the glass curtain wall of white pollution, for there is no artificial light and colour light pollution regulations. But given the colour light pollution is caused people feel unwell, should belong to "light pollution". In the design of display screen has been consider light pollution prevention and control of the screen. Based on the cause of formation, our products take the corresponding solutions: 1, rational planning of the display area and installation position according to the viewing distance and viewing Angle and the surrounding environment, and to meet the requirements of display content, reasonable planning and display size and position. Rather than blindly pursue area is very large, position. 2, broadcast content selection and design of large giant display screen is the public media, are the public class, advertising, instructions, etc. When we choose the content of the broadcast, must be agreed with the public requirements, avoid from psychology. 3, multi-level gray scale correction technology to improve the color soft degrees. LED display products use more grey scale, make color looks soft color, natural transition. 4, can automatically adjust the brightness of the regulating system of different time and place of the brightness of the environment changes greatly, if the screen brightness is greater than the environment too much, will cause people eyes does not adapt, especially the brightness of the day and night difference is large, light pollution, caused by our automatic brightness adjustment system can automatic conversion is suitable for the air environment brightness, avoid the light pollution. Relative neon lights and white light box advertising, and other products, in recent years, many LED display manufacturer in light pollution in the needle has made quite a lot of work, the extent of light pollution is greatly reduced, to enrich our visual space, light up a better life make a great contribution. Third, low carbon, energy-saving LED display since there has been is valued for its energy-saving, environmental protection, the LED is synonymous with energy saving. Compared with the traditional lighting products, LED energy-saving advantage is quite obvious and outstanding, in the near future, a full trend to replace traditional lighting. With improvements in the environmental protection consciousness of people all over the world, we can hear the low carbon everywhere, energy conservation and emissions reduction, can feel the people for the sake of environmental protection efforts: city electric taxi; LED road lights; Solar + wind street light; Non-fresno freezers air conditioning and so on are the true feelings of our life. LED display itself using luminescent material is energy-saving products. But, because of the outdoor LED display area is generally larger, so the power consumption is large. At present, many outdoor LED display manufacturer calls the world energy organization and the interests of the industry for the long-term development perspective, has introduced more outdoor LED display of energy saving, low carbon products, its power consumption, compared to the previous screen, a lot of improvement. Outdoor LED display, as a result of environmental brightness around day and night there is a big change, so we can automatically adjust the methods of outdoor LED display brightness, achieve the effect of energy conservation and emissions reduction.
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