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LED display installation is less complicated

by:Atop     2020-06-21

Outdoor billboards, LED display installation including field investigation, lifting, positioning, installation, debugging and other steps; Field survey and billboards before implementation of lifting, must be conducted on-site investigation, it is to determine the basis of lifting scheme. Site condition is complex, have their own characteristics, in order to ensure safety, requires lifting organization command into the part according to the actual state of sui lifting scheme, lifting. If it is metope double-sided light box, mainly consider the floor is tile floors below or marble floor, if there were any steps. So the marble floor, cannot use crane for lifting. To determine whether the sidewalk has high voltage overhead lines, overhead lines and vertical card what is the distance. When lifting, such as adopting rubber-tyred cranes hoisting, be sure to boom with the distance of the high voltage overhead lines is greater than 1. 5 m to check for import and export door set card below, understand car parking and traffic conditions. If the roof billboards, to consider from the ground level. Under the 20 m, can consider to put the card face is divided into several parts, use a crane or hoist lifting; When more than 20 m, can consider to use hoist. If metope billboards, generally adopt the practice of pieces, is divided into several parts. Well, from the ground points several times to commit suicide by hanging, Mosaic picture by advertising. Single pillar billboard usually set beside the highway and some urban main road, each area, intersection, etc. , there are two sides to face shape, form, special-shaped three on three sides, with the basic card size is 6 ~ 8 m, height of around 20 m. General pre-installed on the ground, and then use the crane hoisting up whole. Lifting hoisting operations of more stringent environmental requirements, shall, first of all, pay attention to weather changes before assembly and the weather forecast, to guarantee no weather (4 class above Level 4) Wind speed, work place is normal, won't make crane subsidence in the aftermath of the access to the work area. 

Then assembly time, lifting scheme was worked out. 

1, metope double-sided billboard ( Light box) 1) if the marble floor of assembly, will not be able to use auto crane hoisting. (2) if use car lifting, to ensure that the crane arm and near the distance between the high voltage overhead lines is greater than 1. 5 m 

2, billboards on the roof of hoisting (1) the roof billboards in from ground height below 20 m card is divided into several pieces, can be considered when using a crane or hoist lifting. (2) the top of the construction site, faces, text, design can be assembled on the roof of their building site, hanging from the roof to faces. (3) to take safety measures and evacuation vehicles and people, can also be used to commit suicide by hanging from the ground. Hang up on the roof of a fixed position crown block, using guide way. Using two wire rope as guide rail, a fixed on the roof; A fixed in the ground. 7 ~ 10 m underground protection from metope, specific according to the height of the roof, keep a certain slope. The distance between the two wire rope is about 4 m. Will good steel strapping, two steel ring buckles set on the steel wire rope, lifting steel along the direction of wire rope positioning when hoisted to the roof, so that to be both safe and not touching the wall. 

 3 pieces, commonly used, metope billboard of hoisting, piece to commit suicide by hanging from the ground, then Mosaic picture by advertising. Billboards and metope should be positioned correctly, fixation. 

 4, be born anti-aircraft gun billboards hoisting commonly adopt the practice of pieces, all installed on the ground, the whole crane hoisting up in the car. Faces hanging focal point on the beam end and faces the Angle, when the crane lifting faces in balance as soon as possible. Hanging CARDS after rising from the ground to the pillar top rotating faces, which faces to support. Column and column top vertical fall registration. Now carry out operation, the operator assisted for wears belts climb to arrange 1 ~ 3 pillar para lost contact, safety belt is fixed on the girder CARDS first, then use the crowbar shun force counterpoint. Para push command again after it fell hanging in a timely manner, steady fall in place, high welding personnel welding. Whatever the hoisting, lifting operation must pay attention to safety. In the process of lifting operations, the staff should pay attention to the following questions. (1) into the mountain and workers must wear safety helmet. After entering the hoisting state, (2) the crane arm staff is not allowed to stay under convex (3) column hoisting, the operator not completely closed when the anchor bolt and nut, stud shall not be away from the crane. (4) staff to implement flying for insect "inch must wear a seat belt, at the same time use the safety rope, in case of an accident. (5) for some small or light component, generally adopt the method of artificial lifting. Depending on the billboard size, lifting available 2 ~ 8 traction rope. To control the direction and keep on the scale. This can prevent chicken the billboard blowing about in the accident, but also in the correct position during installation. LED display is installed in the process of construction, the installation personnel should strictly carry out the relevant specification, standard and design documents, in strict accordance with the relevant standards and specifications of operation at the same time, should be in strict accordance with the relevant provisions and the special requirements of our clients, as the only engineering installation of every detail, even a bolt, nut and a wire connector, construction cannot careless. Protective sheet metal welding, high do funnel, less slag, Mars or not splash splashing into the ground. After welding, weld coated, preservative treatment and side seat. In the process of construction, if found difference and design. Should immediately understand the reason, and instruct the project organizers before processing. 

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