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LED display industry to accelerate capacity, China's packaging market how to pilot the world?

by:Atop     2020-06-19
China's leading global capacity packaging market in the production process of LED display, packaging is important one annulus. In general, the function of packaging is to provide adequate protection chip, to prevent the chip in the air for medium and long-term exposure or mechanical damage and failure, in order to improve the stability of the chip. For the LED encapsulation, also need to have good light extraction efficiency and good heat resistance, good packaging can make leds have better and thermal environment, luminous efficiency and improves the life span of leds. After a high-speed growth in previous years, the global LED industry is gradually into the "plateau", growth is slowing. Although the industry growth rate significantly slowed, but the area of industry structure changes, the global packaging production transfer to China is accelerating. Among them, the Chinese manufacturer's market share continued to improve, is playing a more and more important role. Global LED packaging industry are mainly concentrated in the Chinese mainland, Japan, Taiwan, the United States, Europe, Korea and other countries and regions. From the point of the LED industry development, the first phase of Japan, the United States, Europe and other manufacturers rely on first-mover advantage, has the technology and equipment advantages, become the world's earliest LED packaging industry center; The second phase of Taiwan and South Korea have complete consumer electronics industry chain, each link to have a clear division of responsibilities, and rapid rise; Current at the third stage, the Chinese mainland, undertake the global industrial relocation, and benefit from the downstream products cost advantages and strong market demand, has become the important production base of LED packaging. LED packaging industry has been through high gross profit era, which is to maintain the normal gross profit margin. Domestic LED encapsulation of a batch of packaging enterprises market competition strength increasing, the scale expands unceasingly, in the domestic market competitiveness and independent intellectual property rights is not weak in and abroad LED packaging companies in Taiwan. Purely in terms of encapsulation link, domestic enterprises have already with the international LED par. Is more than 1000 current packaging enterprises, annual sales in more than 100 million yuan in the first camp, has more than 30 sales between 10 million yuan to 100 million yuan in the second camp enterprise is less than 300, accounted for 30%, most of the enterprise sales of less than 10 million yuan. Middle encapsulation LED industry chain link, a Korean enterprise technology advancement, sales to catch up with Europe and the United States. Taiwan and South Korea have complete industry chain of consumer electronics, upstream and downstream industries supporting each other, stable supply and marketing, has a backlight industrial advantage of the market, the LED packaging companies production and revenue are ranked among the top of the world, but still they with European, American businesses have technology gap. Packaging market market demand for the LED display industry how to face to face with small spacing capacity continues to increase, LED encapsulation has been booming in the emerging field of application. Unlike the traditional LED display, LED display screen for, as a kind of high density small spacing with spacing constantly tend to be miniaturization, the lamp bead will be a sharp rise in number of every square metre, lamp bead density is becoming more and more high, serious test of its reliability is put forward. Products have high barriers to entry, small spacing is more demanding on the requirement of the packaging technology, especially the packaging materials and packaging technology. In order to obtain better ornamental effect, people require to display a picture from simple full-color to vivid, restore the truth, but also on the smaller screen implementation like TV and comfortable, clear image display. There is demand there will be a market, LED display high density small spacing was born under this big background. From the point of market demand LED small spacing, small spacing LED display market growth is more than 50% in 2017, the overall supply and demand two prosperous continuously. The huge expansion of the LED display screen market small spacing, LED the overall demand LED packaging products increased along with the market demand, a certain extent, animating the whole LED encapsulation. Specifically, small spacing LED display market mature upstream LED chip companies not only promote constantly implementation technology upgrading, promote middle income of expansion has LED packaging companies, has promoted many main small spacing LED display products to success. In terms of the global market, the small distance between the LED display now is still in the 'early stages of development: the market application level is limited, compared to competitive products market is low. In terms of the domestic market, the small distance between the LED screen is just in a 'first popular' peak stage, in other words, great achievements have been made in the market, growth, market share continues to rise. But the stock market is limited, future development space is huge. This is a basic 'market' small spacing of the LED industry. 'new' word is the core of the market characteristics, more specific, a 'new technologies, new products and new businesses. China has become the world LED packaging manufacturers compete for the market, the international manufacturers grab is accelerating eat pie; China local outstanding manufacturers to maintain high-speed development trend, as a whole and speed up the industry concentration will also gradually increase; As for Taiwan manufacturers are squeezed by the Chinese manufacturers, market share gradually decline, how to improve product competitiveness is an urgent need to solve the problem. International LED packaging manufacturers also gradually increase the intensity of the Chinese market promotion, the proportion of revenue in China gradually improve. In LED packaging companies, meanwhile, the continuous expansion of income, the upstream and middle reaches the situation positive, LED LED display industry downstream market will be in a stable industry small spacing pattern gradually towards the peak, usher in a better environment for development.
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