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LED display industry has set the industry reshuffle pattern will continue

by:Atop     2020-06-09
Higher-ups have industry, said the led display industry pattern is set. According to the market demand we divided it into three pieces: the high-end general market, performing arts, creative display market, channel wholesale market. As is known to all, standing in the tip of the pyramid listed companies the higher-ups has started "career change" to the media, advertising, play sports, they are the backbone of the leading industry development pattern, firmly hold the industry high-end large-scale projects, municipal projects in the market. Creative display market requires the rich experience, has the certain project accumulation and creative design research and development ability, major entertainment and real estate industry, barriers to entry are high; At present is still in the "warring states period" is the channels wholesale market, due to display manufacturing costs down, prices are cut and shrinking profit margins, listed companies are forced to give up part of the market, it makes more OEM, ODM, Channel wholesale and OEM) Take their makers saw opportunities, dodge,, and for this big price war. Although the industry pattern is set, but now the LED display application industry is still in a shakeout stage, middle will eliminate some on price alone, price is not dominant, enterprise brand awareness is not obvious, in the process of shuffling industry will gradually tend to be stable and healthy. In the middle reaches of the encapsulation link, too, is the basic pattern, such as wood Tomlinson, cinda, the star, makar, crystal etc. These large and medium size enterprises have occupy most of the led display packaging device market, they will be able to meet the domestic and foreign from ordinary screen to the small distance between each level of the demand of the market. Upstream of the LED chip industry is needless to say, the original technical threshold is high, industry consolidation is already started and tends to be stable, the current domestic display in the field of LED chip mainly comes from wafer, three Ann, silan Ming core, dry HuaCan, according to these enterprises such as photoelectric.
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