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LED display industry development trend

by:Atop     2020-09-02
LED display in China after years of rapid development, has become the world's largest LED display manufacturing base. The quality of the products, research and development ability, innovation ability has become the core competitiveness of the enterprise, the transformation and upgrading has been the subject of the industry, high-end, intelligent, subdivided specialized direction became the main trends of development of industry, LED display industry has entered a 'LED display the worst of times, is also the best of times'. , market competition is intense, product homogeneity to low-cost production, ignoring the product quality prices were to many LED display enterprises the main means of competition. This leads to the industry as a whole in the low-end, thin margins. But, with the improvement of quality of life, people increasingly pay attention to the process and product performance, the market demand is no longer before the pure information display platform, but the picture is more clear, the overall effect is more beautiful, use more convenient and efficient, can bring visual enjoyment, can become a scenery line of 'art'. LED display manufacturing enterprises not only need to have breakthrough in such aspects as technology, product research and development, also need to be in a comprehensive upgrade production technology and industrial chain, etc. In the future, only have a higher productivity of enterprises, can in the fierce competition in the sustained, stable development. The popularity of intelligent smartphone, 'all things can connect the Internet of things' has become a big trend, smart home, intelligent watches, smart cars, etc. Products appear in succession. LED display as widely appeared in public places in electronic products, wisdom urban construction the main terminal equipment, its intelligent became a necessity. At present, the industry many enterprises have LED intelligent product research and development, the first layout related market. More successful enterprises to tong's science and technology, research and development production of outdoor LED screen, outdoor light pole glasses-free 3 d advertising machine, LED intelligent street wisdom city terminal, has now become the world's leading brand of wisdom city terminal. Subdivided specialized along with the development of the LED display industry, the technical level of the industry as a whole has been basically the same, product homogeneity serious, has become a major source of industry development. Many small and medium-sized LED enterprises can only through the development of their own advantages, the subdivided market specialization road, make their products more single in the field of technical advantages, technological advantages, market advantages, to avoid being homogenized, beat the market place. In addition, the LED display technology also gradually and many new areas, such as indoor small spacing of LED display screen, the cinema, street lamp LED display and so on, combined with the application of the new areas to create more market segment, become the development trend of LED display. LED display the transformation and upgrading of the industry, make the industry made a big reshuffle, the quality, innovation, professional would be the winning a magic weapon of the enterprise, will eventually make the LED industry more prosperous development. This article from: shenzhen electronic chamber of commerce in China LED net
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