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LED display industry development momentum but also serious overcapacity

by:Atop     2020-06-18
LED display industry after nearly 30 years of development, has become the second to the LED lighting in the LED industry segments. At the same time in the industry booming, but equally serious overcapacity. According to statistics, in 2014, the global LED display ( Contain display screen and other backlight products) The size of the market has reached $9. 6 billion, according to the forecast, the future of a period of global LED display market demand will continue to maintain rapid growth, the average annual growth rate of more than 20% over the next five years, predicts 2020, the global LED display market scale will reach $30 billion. At the same time, the supply side of the LED display market in the whole world, is one of the most important manufacturing base in China, in 2014, guangdong LED display (only Contain display screen and other backlight products) Exports to reach 144. 3. 3 billion yuan, rose 30. 58%. Many people may still on the prospects of LED display good rather smug, little imagine, excess production capacity has become a big obstacle in the LED display industry, however, the cause of LED display excess capacity is what? There is a sale on fake and shoddy good things always easy to attract people rushing. LED display is the state advocates the emerging industry, but here the most "eat crabs" rather than taste, has become the pioneer of the competition for the road. LED display industry admittance threshold is very low, a lot of small, small workshops enterprises is also easy to enter. But they only want to "cash" enterprise after entering not with technology research and development as the guide, in the face of fierce market competition and the rising cost of raw materials, these companies at the expense of the quality, blindly rely on competing on price. The blind to enter and low-end competition, LED to the LED display market disorder, and difficult to manage. Policy positive fiscal subsidy in fact, LED the enthusiasm of the enterprise devoted largely benefited from state and local government support for industry growing. In 2009, the National Development and Reform Commission and other six departments jointly announced "semiconductor lighting energy conservation industry development opinions; In the same year, Ministry of Science and Technology launched "ten city wan light" semiconductor lighting application demonstration city plan; In May 2011, Beijing, changzhou, hefei, Qingdao, guangzhou, haikou, baoji and 16 cities was identified as the second batch of "ten city wan light" demonstration city; The National Development and Reform Commission released November "phase out incandescent roadmap; 24 dated department released in February 2012, "the integrated circuit industry" twelfth five-year "development plan". The local government is also produce great enthusiasm to the LED industry, invest large sums, in the land, tax, technological development, talent introduction, equipment purchase, and many other aspects of the LED industry to implement preferential policies such as sharply. In addition, subsidy policy also attracted a lot of people in the LED industry, three ministries for LED products, such as national Treasury started 2012 fiscal subsidy promotion project bidding work, involved in 4 kinds of LED lighting products, indoor and outdoor subsidies take indirect subsidies. , according to people familiar with the subsidy proportion about 30% of the purchase price, total amount is expected to hundreds of millions of scale, will effectively leverage the LED in lighting, especially in large user applications in the field of lighting. In the face of excess capacity problem, LED enterprises how to break through again? First, speed up structural adjustment and change of the pattern of economic development. Adjust the industry and product structure, actively develop in line with market demand of production capacity, from the scale expansion to quality benefit, so as to improve the level of development of industry as a whole. Second, give full play to the guidance and constraint of planning, policy, standard, strict access requirements, in order to strengthen the management of industry admittance, improve the industry monitoring system and overcapacity situation early warning system, strengthen and improve the industry management. Due to the low LED industry admittance threshold, the past few years, a lot of capital inflow, the terminals that supply exceeds demand, industrial chain are present in the decline of the gross profit margin, many companies face losses even out. According to incomplete statistics, in 2015 the market LED to 4000 enterprises. In 2016, the LED industry, the supply and demand relation phenomenon of excess production capacity will be more apparent. Clean up the industry competition mechanism, perfect the industry standard, is related to the future most LED the survival of enterprises. Finally, to promote industrial merger and reorganization, accelerate elimination process of "inferior" enterprise. "Inferior" to take up a lot of social resources, but to create out the corresponding social value, accelerated to such enterprise merger and reorganization of social resources, can effectively release the usage at the same time can maximize the enterprise's social value advantage: let the advantages of advanced technology, productivity and management level to promote the orderly development of LED industry. At the same time, effective merger and reorganization can balance the market supply demand relations, from the source so that they can really let the market to guide the industry development direction. LED the excess capacity is a double-edged sword. Overcapacity will lead to a series of problems, such as price war, business failures, etc. Excess production capacity will be prompted to mid-range enterprise reshuffle, some quality is not qualified, ability is not strong, capital strength is not strong enterprises to exit the market gradually, finally is left by the powerful large enterprises.
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