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LED display exit threshold

by:Atop     2020-06-21
LED display while overseas marketer, but there are also many challenges. First of all, the LED industry in China started late, weak consciousness of intellectual property, patent application and protection work is relatively lag, LED display in China enterprises to lose the initiative in the international market, easily when faced with fierce competition in a passive position. Second, LED international standards set in large scale, its system is relatively mature and perfect, and basic synchronization with the development of the market. And LED standard come on stage in our country is relatively backward, which also brings to the product export a lot of trouble. LED display to export to overseas, there are two basic threshold is must be crossed, one is the quality, the other is technical certification. 1, product quality and service quality is not the traditional LED display industry "cheap products export industry and the low price competition", but "high quality products and competitive industry". When it comes to quality, then export to overseas product quality must be guaranteed, otherwise it is difficult to verify through exports, quality closes nevertheless be forced to recall is not something glorious. Quality is the precondition of product can share in the market condition, otherwise all is talking. For the European and American customers, products quality in the first place, because of their definition of a product is the use of the medium and long term, whether to lease or regular installation LED display. Even in some countries of the second price first quality, product quality also is good, because the LED screen company relies on product development, responsible for product quality, win the favor of the customers and public praise, on the one hand, generate more repeat customers, on the other hand also establish a better brand image. Quality includes not only the product quality, service quality, the post-sale service but also the weak link of external export LED display in China. After-sales service quality, after-sales service timely reflects the degree of enterprise to the attention of the customer and timeliness is one of the most important aspects of the after-sales service, timely and effective after-sales service to improve customer satisfaction for the enterprise or product overseas, have self-confidence. For after-sales service problems, people often get into a myth, damage to the product after think after-sales service is the corresponding maintenance work, however this is not enough, to achieve the quality of after-sales service, companies still need to have a complete set of after-sales service system to support. In order to better improve after-sales service, each big LED display enterprise should combine their own actual situation to formulate appropriate strategies. Attaches great importance to after-sales service, with good service quality to win the trust and recognition, overseas customers customer satisfaction, repeat business nature also is much more slowly. 2, product safety standards and certification at home and abroad in recent years, our country LED display standard gradually improve relevant policies, new LED display industry began to implement mandatory safety standards. According to the release of the Chinese national committee for standardization, our country LED display GB4943 products mandatory safety standards. 1 - 2011 "information technology equipment safety in the first part: general requirements" beginning December 1, 2012, instead of the old standard GB4943 - 2011. At the same time, in terms of certification, CCC certification is mandatory. LED display exported to foreign countries, in addition to conform to the relevant domestic product safety standards and certification, must also conform to the product of the exporting country or region's product safety standards and certification. Different countries have different standards, LED companies to find their own product positioning, but no matter how, must be on the product performance, quality, reliability, in strict accordance with the exporter's standards, complete products, ensure the quality, this is the same direction. If going into the U. S. market, product safety and performance specifications must meet local standards, at the same time must have independent, qualified acceptance inspection report issued by a third party testing institution. In the United States, in addition to the FCC is compulsory certification, and other such as TL, UL, the magnitude of energy certification is voluntary, but as LED display export enterprise, must have done as a compulsory certification, so that products can less about beam, have a broader market space. If the exporter is Europe, the product must conform to the requirements of the CE ( CE is a compulsory certification in Europe) , mainly to prevent new barriers to trade. Any products in the market in Europe and put into service before they must post CE mark on the product, to declare the product meets all the provisions of the new eu directive. The European people will pay attention to packaging, so the packing must be well done, there is special packaging of European standards. If the exporter is other international markets, such as the Middle East, and certification requirements will be lower, this requires the LED screen before export enterprises make their own product positioning according to exporter.
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