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LED display application range widening in our country

by:Atop     2020-08-08
Technical foundation and the level of Chinese LED display industry is quite advanced, the main products and key technology with the international advanced level of the same industry can be roughly consistent. LED device technology and continuously improve performance, electronic technology rapid development and for the LED display product technology to deepen and improve the good foundation. At the same time LED display in all fields of social life has been widely used, the development of semiconductor lighting industry more LED display industry bring good opportunity, therefore, the LED display market development prospects. LED industry chain including raw materials, equipment, the upstream chip manufacturing, middle downstream LED encapsulation and LED application. And downstream LED application mainly divided into LED lighting, LED display and LED backlight application, etc. LED application is the whole industry chain can bring high added value is important one annulus. At present, the LED in the downstream application market is the largest lighting area, followed by a backlight application and display. Display scale still maintain a relatively stable trend of rapid growth, especially with the mature of small spacing LED display technology, LED display applications will gradually from the large size display application to indoor, outdoor applications will significantly expand, is expected in the next few years will remain very high speed growth, so as to make the LED display in the proportion in the whole industry chain downstream application gradually enhanced. According to forward-looking industry research institute in China LED industry market foresight strategic planning and investment analysis report, according to data from the 2015 national LED display application industry market increase sales volume is 2014, the year the market is expected to total 33. 5 billion yuan, the total growth rate at about 10%. New technologies, such as in the small distance between the LED LED and downstream culture media sports industry under the background of the boom of maintaining high, LED display industry is expected in the future can still maintain 20% - The steady growth of 30%. The DLP Digital light processing) Domestic market is mainly used in large, joining together such as military command, traffic monitoring, studio, and other fields, such as wisdom city development, and further into the markets such as security, commercial display, so the future will continue to maintain rapid growth in the sector, since 2010, China's domestic market for large, joining together the compound growth rate of 20% or more, expected in the next three years to remain around 15% growth. Such customer requirements for product display effect is high, is not sensitive to the price at the same time, small spacing LED with excellent display effect has been rapid alternative splicing screen markets such as the DLP. With small spacing LED display the future prices fall further, applications will be further expansion, the future will be full access to the media, advertising, cinema commercial applications, such as by leah DE income industry classification, you can see that in recent years, the income from the industry and commerce enterprise size and growth rate are higher, as the product cost down, the price sensitivity of higher customer also begin to accept small spacing LED products. In the future in the field of commercial market space is extremely broad. TV application LED small spacing is still not to enter the civilian market, however, as the cost of further decline and smaller pixel pitch products production, is expected to enter civil TV field. For 70 inches below the normal household television, as a result of the LCD display effect and cost advantage, so in a short period of time small spacing is unlikely to replace in the field of LED LCD. But in 70 inches or more, especially at the end of the 110 - inch, limited by the making craft of LCD, the cost would be present geometric progression growth. So basically it is difficult to see more than 110 inches of LCD TV. The expected future 2 - small spacing of the LED industry Three years will continue to maintain high growth, the growth rate of over 60%, is expected to be the size of the market in 2018 close to billions. In the development of the LED display industry in our country in recent years, with the merger integration between enterprises, constantly present scale effect, industry structure has been basically clear, at the same time LED display in the traditional outdoor advertising, stage sports venues in the areas of application have also been the development of a mature, products gradually tend to be more homogeneous. LED display, therefore, enterprises to seek new profit growth point, through constant innovation to enhance the level of research and development, in order to enter new application areas, open a new blue ocean market. As the screen technology gradually improved, cost gradually decline, constant iterative upgrading of products, product launch, especially small spacing LED display gradually into many new market applications. Full color LED display screen is mainly used in advertising media, sports venues, municipal engineering, stage background etc. , and small spacing LED display continues to develop more markets such as traffic, the broadcast and the army. This article from: prospective industry research institute China LED net
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