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[LED display application] What are the LED display uses?

[LED display application] What are the LED display uses?


What are the LED display uses?

1) Securities trading and financial information display. The LED display in this field accounts for more than 50% of the domestic LED display demand in previous years, and there is still a large demand.

2) Airport flight dynamic information display. The requirements for the display of the residential area of the civil aviation airport are very clear. The LED display is the first choice for the Flight Information Display System (FIDS).

 3) Display of passenger guidance information at ports and stations. The LED-displayed folk-based information system and broadcasting system, the train-to-send revealing system, the train-to-send revealing system, and the ticketing information system all constitute the automation system of the passenger transport hub, which has become an important part of the domestic railway station and port technology development and transformation. .

 4) Display of stadium information. The LED display screen has replaced the traditional lighting and CRT display as the main means of game information display and live game play, and has become a must-have competition facility in modern sports venues.

 5) Road traffic information display. The rise of the intelligent and effective system (ITS), in the field of urban efficiency, highways, etc., LED display folk as a variable information board, speed limit signs, etc., has been widely adopted.

 6) Dispatch command center information display. Power dispatching, vehicle dynamic tracking, vehicle height adjustment management, etc., are also gradually adopting high-density LED displays.

7) Business promotion and information display in the service areas such as postal, telecommunications, shopping malls and other shopping centers.

 8) Advertising media new products. In addition to a single large indoor and outdoor display as advertising media, cluster LED display advertising systems, train LED display advertising system, etc. have also been adopted and are being promoted.

 9) Performances and gatherings. Video broadcasts for public and political purposes are becoming more and more popular on large-scale displays. For example, in the major festivals such as the 50th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the new millennium celebrations around the world, large-scale displays have played a role in the broadcast of live and advertising information. Excellent role.

10) Exhibition, LED display large screen as one of the important service contents provided by the exhibition organizer, providing paid services to exhibitors, foreign large-scale professional rental companies with large LED screens, and some large-scale The manufacturer provides rental services.

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