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LED display advantage can highlight points cut film market?

by:Atop     2020-06-07
On January 6, 2015, the 2014 Chinese film market influence research report, according to the Chinese film growing contribution to the national economy and has become a worldwide growth of main engine. In 2014 the industry driven by the film more than 68. 7 billion yuan, indirectly provide no less than 500000 jobs. In the film market is developing rapidly today, is quite popular with the city's cinemas are far each wire LED large screen. In front of the relatively blank film market, set many play advantage of LED display can in great movie market pie? LED into theaters obvious advantages in front of the relatively blank film market, LED large screen whether they have enough advantages must compete with traditional theater play equipment, in the movie market? LED large screen as a kind of novel electronic dynamic graphic dot matrix display screen, is a kind of put in the public information release media can work automatically and continuously, is a kind of can foil atmosphere, decorate the environment good ornament, this more realistic expression, will provide the audience with more interactive, more vivid and interesting way of participation, meet the demand of the subjectivity of the audience. Compared with the traditional movie broadcast system, traditional theatre using projection system, a will there is a certain degree of defocusing problem, usually, even if is to adjust well, 1 - 2 pixels of defocusing amount is very common, this is because, fundamentally, from the projector projected on the screen and projected onto a four corner near the center of the parts of the distance is not the same. And the principle of projection, also determines the projection tube in three primary colors, they lined with differences in position, such as when horizontal arrangement, projected onto a flat screen natural geometry, even using various techniques to correct, there are 2 - the results of correction 3 pixels of the residual amount of distortion is very common, this convergence loss directly is the color of the impact of the edge. In a film projection, the refresh rate of the projector for 48 hz commonly, also may produce a little light flashes, screen is reflected at the same time, therefore must use a white background, so the contrast between small, low contrast. And LED large screen movie play is digital to digital, all electronic process, steady, the color of the LED lights and LED screen is illuminated, no screen, no lens, do not produce reflection there would be no glare, and it is black, so contrast, contrast of the image is larger. The measured results, LED display even indoor type can also reach the screen several times more than the contrast, so the image contrast will be much better. It also determines the use LED screen movie won't appear above the refresh rate is low, on the traditional movie play of convergence, defocusing and other common problems. From the aspects of audience viewing habits and physical habits, movie theater projectors projected on the screen, quite actual brightness bottom often had to all Windows and doors locked, can only be used in dark environment. Because of the projection beam under the condition of the original brightness is not make viewing conditions become worse, it mainly affects the cinema projector close to the audience at the back of the distance, the audience will feel discomfort resulting from the head with a beam of light, no projection system, there is no so-called "mountain". Had cinema experience knows, watching a movie at the cinema, the human eye to undergo when entering the cinema "dark adaptation" and leave the multiplexes "light adaptation" process, in both cases there is human pyramidal cells and cylinder of a large number of alternate, physiology research thinks, "dark adaptation of the human eye discomfort is not obvious, but a long time; "Light adaptation" although time is short, but the feeling of discomfort to the human eye is very strong, and if the human eye often is in a state of cylinder and cone cells of a large number of alternate will cause obvious fatigue can even cause other diseases of the eye. LED screen film there does not exist in both cases. LED screen and indoor small spacing generally solved in an indoor use more cuts and signal processing problems, at any time in the switch is very easy, show format problems will no longer be. Moreover, on the life and screening facilities, the traditional projection system, life expectancy of light source is only 20000 hours, every screens must be independent of the projection booth, will occupy a lot of space. And the general life of up to 100000 hours of LED display and does not require special screens, compared, there exists a long-term cost too much problem. LED technology breakthroughs LED screen in cinema is expected to realize the LED display as a flat panel display, consisting of small panel LED module. Although the price of a single LED lamp bead does not cause attention, but into thousands of LED lights when combined together, the cost of it will be difficult to ignore. Take the P2. Five specifications of the small distance between the LED display screen as an example, its total of 160000 per square meter lamp bead; If the level is further to 1 mm, there are 1 million of every square metre lamp bead, if a studio by 100 - inch LED large screen, one of the lights the traveler can affect the cost of the whole LED screen. So, influence primary reason LED to cinema or early into the traveler is too large, the second high low light grey, heat dissipation and flat-fell seam is the key problem. Can be seen from the development of LED industry in recent years, the conventional LED display is particularly fierce competition, the price war almost occupy the fundamental profit of the firm. As a result, the rapid development of the market a variety of emerging fields. Media, advertising, outdoor appearance, profiled screen market performance such as bright eye, among them, the high density small spacing LED display is become hot products in the industry. A few years ago, most used in indoor LED display can only watch over a long distance, because the distance has not yet reached a closer look at technology. LED display the spacing determines the viewing distance and pixel, as long as the point spacing can complete close watch is small enough. With the continuous progress of LED technology and updated, LED display civil market gradually been paid great attention in many LED business. Although a variety of data information revealed all point to the LED display screen or will replace the traditional movie screen become new overlord of cinema, but China video industry association (large screen projection display device branch secretary-general Zhao Handing puts forward several questions: 1, the theaters widespread adoption of 3 d laser projector, the audience watching the film is after gently of reflected light, the light is soft to the human eye damage is low, can meet the requirements of the audience for a long time to watch the movie. But, LED display screen of the four-walled belongs to spontaneous light, light and not through effective alleviation, do not have enough data or experiment to prove whether can allow people to watch for a long time. Though, with the continuous progress of LED technology, the industry generally believe that before is LED display screen cost problem instead of the traditional screen biggest obstacle is expected to solve, but in the future on the ratio of the 3 d and has been widely recognized by laser can occupy absolute advantage in comparison to broadcast system needs to be fastidious. 3, as well as the emergence of many new things, as a new LED display screen can be film industry professionals recognition problem is also proven. 4, the power consumption of the LED display screen big problem need to be technical solution. Of course, talking about the LED display screen into the cinema systems plastic space problem, Zhao Handing said that the LED display screen in such aspects as simplified the projection booth, brightness can be adjusted advantages is very recognition. Zhao Handing said: "the LED display screen to replace the traditional screen play idea is very innovative, but also needs more experiments to demonstrate". Indeed, the LED display hesitated LED civil market, technology and the cost of a breakthrough for the LED screen in the movie industry raises hopes that the $68. 7 billion the size of the market. Should not be ignored is that the present stage LED to enter the film industry, the current cost and technology breakthrough or inadequate. However, to borrow a fashionable words: dream or want some, one thousand achieved?
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