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LED companies scramble to layout, the Mini LED light, etc?

by:Atop     2020-09-08
Light on September 11, Taiwan LED assembly house light reported, revenue for 22 August. 1. 4 billion yuan, Nt, hereinafter the same) , write down their second-highest monthly record since this year, though still a slight decline from the same period a year earlier, but light in August, crystal electric, ronda revenue levels between higher this year and this year's record high, according to the LED industry still has the traditional peak season effect, operating in the third quarter could be better than the second quarter. According to light, the company's revenue on August 9. 26% to 22. 1. 4 billion yuan, for the second-highest monthly revenue level since this year, after January 23. 9. 1 billion yuan, the total light before August this year revenue of 164. 200 million yuan, the year minus 10. 1%. Although in revenue minus 5 August. Decrease 83%, but the year has converged, the rest of the LED factory contains crystal electric, ronda in August, in revenue and the growth figures, LED display factory in August there is a consistent revenue performance. Light, stressed that 'can be found in the vehicle and Mini LED layout, operation could be better than the first half of the second half of the year. Light said, although in recent years, the LED industry continued oversupply, but light actively adjust the operating direction, focus on future application in automobile, infrared and Mini LED Once mm light emitting diode) High margin products, invisible light and vehicle such as proportion of gross margin products has increase year by year. In addition, the light vehicle products in 2018 has got international automotive original order, will lock car headlights, tail lights, and the car lamp, and other related market, in the second half of automotive product shipments will continue to maintain a growth trend. In terms of the Mini LED, has launched a series of backlight products, the fourth quarter is expected to start shipment, mainly used in automotive display and hand-held devices such application, etc. Ronda ronda continued evolution this year, the layout of Mini LED field, and have been shipping already from this season, and finished products in terms of performance is greatly reduced in accordance with the planning, the chairman and chief executive officer Su Feng is that down to gross margin should be expected to improve performance. Ronda before August this year consolidated revenue for 76. 5. 6 billion yuan, Nt) , the year minus 8. 3%, Su Feng are emphasized, ronda is in transition period this year. Third season may be flat, but this is not to say that performance was flat, dropped sharply because the original part of lamps and lanterns, the rest of the shipments are growing up. In terms of lamps and lanterns, internal brakes on a fish, in the first half of the year has been on the brakes, to the third quarter, the revenue of lamps and lanterns than almost dropped more than half of season 2, almost all stopped, for the fourth season after only keep the lamps and lanterns of high order and special product. Performance this year, hope to be able to flat, ronda has several important work of this year, including cut away the finished product, concentrated production base, as well as the layout of new products, these will increase the cost, so this year is flat is better than last year. About the Mini LED the layout of the schedule, Su Feng is pointed out that the Mini LED has since season 3 shipments, Mini LED to do thin, better evenness and, if the back number of LED star cloth too dense, costs will increase, and the present technical bottleneck is in the same area, how to make the least number of cloth, but the LED light evenness and can maintain good, this is various technical challenges. The Mini LED products the design of each industry is different, some only 2000, 4000, someone used 10000, price difference is very much, now technology development is still in the early, everyone want to new way, make need to come down on the number of stars. Mini LED backlight application part, now can be shipped to high-end game screen applications, down to see the pyramid side application, if subsequent have a chance to spread to infiltrate commercial and household products, etc. Traditional backlight architecture is the board and a guide plate, processing of optical film and institution, but the Mini LED backlight only need one board, have the chance to replace the existing backlight architecture in the future. In addition, chuzhou factory will be the main production base, ronda contract finalized in April last year, in July, the launch of a season 2 start small production this year, is expected to end of the season to the start of the fourth quarter all local production capacity can reach the designated position, concentration to begin production. This article from: China LED net
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