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LED application market is analysed the present situation and future development

by:Atop     2020-08-11
'Nowadays, the LED industry has reached a relatively steady growth cycle, I will be the norm of the whole industry is defined as a stable new normal. In the future, with the expansion, the big enterprise industry concentration will be more and more high, but in the new period, also there will be some changes. 'In 2018, Dr Jack zhang, chairman of a spring reception meeting. On March 10, organized by leds and capital supply chain integration leader a spring reception will be held in the green world in shenzhen in 2018, more than 40 who LED industry chain enterprises in the pearl river delta, tirelessly, head of communication to discuss the New Year a new starting point for the development of LED industry, the new discovery, new strategy. First of all, the chairman at the meeting, Dr Jack zhang published 'the new normal and stable enterprise to break' the theme of the speech. He set off in the middle and lower reaches from the LED industry chain, focus on sharing the chips, encapsulation, the status quo of the downstream application market, and the break of the enterprise strategy in the future. Chairman Dr Jack zhang on the upstream chip, GGII data show that in 2017 mainland China LED chip output value reached 18. 8 billion yuan, accounting for almost 40% of the global LED chip production. GGII predicted that in 2018 mainland China LED chip output growth will slow to 14. By 4% to 21. 5 billion yuan. And as the LED chip production capacity of sustained release, GGII LED chip price is expected to appear - 10% About 20% of the decline. In fact, since October 2017, the chip price has been lowered by 15% - 2835 20%, the price trend has appeared. Dr Jack zhang said, 'different enterprise chip prices are not quite same, believe that every LED chip companies planning strategy this year there will be some changes. 'LED chip large enterprises how to break through? Dr Jack zhang to give advice on the following three aspects: 1, actively expanding production, scale advantage, to raise their market share; 2, on the one hand, to expand overseas OEM business, for international LED chip giant generation of labor, improve their capacity and chip manufacturing technology. On the other hand, by acquiring or technology research and development, set up their own patent pool, expand overseas packaging market and high-end applications ( Such as auto, flash) The market. 3, the use of national semiconductor industry policies, broaden the semiconductor business. On the middle reaches packaging industry, Dr Jack zhang said: 'according to my observation, in the top ten packaging companies nowadays expansion power also is not very enough, expansion of the 'benefits' is still not fully reflected. Expansion has over the next three years, big companies also need to, if not the expansion to continue, gross margins will continue to decline. For big business, 'Dr Jack zhang suggested in 2018 to break through the following three ways: 1, enhance their own research and development strength, improve the quality of products, and actively expand the high-end market; 2, develops the overseas packaging OEM business and overseas lighting, digest their own capacity, to avoid domestic competition in the market; 3, through its acquisition of downstream lighting direction outspread, find port for its own packaging production capacity, improve capacity utilization. For small and medium-sized enterprises (smes), Dr Jack zhang suggested in 2018 to break through the following two ways: 1, to avoid price war between big business, deep market segment and perfectly; 2, play the advantages of small ship well run, for application of the downstream enterprises to provide customized, broaden the market. On the downstream applications, jack zhang, 'said Dr Output LED downstream application as a whole, growth fell, but the pace of itself is not bad. At the same time, the benefit from a little distance between the outbreak of the LED display, LED display market also get rid of the previous low speed growth trend; In addition, the LED niche markets such as the LED lights, LED intelligent lighting, LED lighting plants leads to more than 20% of the growth in emerging markets. For small and medium-sized enterprises (smes), Dr Jack zhang suggested in 2018 to break through the following two ways: 1, deep market segment and embrace high value-added market such as small and beautiful; 2, tightly integrated with the client, understand the end user's pain points, can be tailored personalized solutions for clients. Subsequently, the industrial chain aggregate enterprise representatives came to share the respective layout and planning in the future. Wafer photoelectric product management director zhu tai lam said the wafer photoelectric are not good at doing price competitive products, pay more attention to research and development innovation, technology innovation. We will not fight in terms of price with other vendors, we will stand in the perspective of consumers, the pursuit of 'beauty' products. Wafer photoelectric product management director zhu tai lam trillion chi co vice chairman of the whole hill introduced the trillion chi on the successful experience of integration and expansion: on the one hand is resources complementary; On the other hand, management decision-making, management needs to do their homework, not only by the superiority of enterprise decision-making. Trillion chi stake, vice chairman of the hill on the upstream and downstream expansion, the whole hill, said the signs in the chi decided to upstream one reason: we are a net amount of larger enterprises, based on our assets and equipment advantages, now we want to be able to do more investment in the photovoltaic industry, combined with the government more. Xinyi chang, general manager of Song Changning share the related situation of xinyi chang. Song Changning is introduced into, in 2017, our equipment prices overall by 5% or so, but the overall profit is increased by more than 3000.
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